Super Bowl XLVII – Contest – Win $200 Gift Prize From The Texas Poker Store

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Texas Poker Store is putting up a $200 gift prize for 2013 Super Bowl predictions. Enter the two teams you predict will play in the Super Bowl, and pick the winner, for a chance at taking home a retail valued prize of up to $200 applicable to any product in stock. Predictions must be made  prior to the divisional games on January 12-13. The first person, based on the time of their prediction, who accurately chooses the two teams contending for the title and picks the Super Bowl Champs will be declared the winner of the $200 gift prize. (The winner, naturally, will be determined after the Super Bowl!)

If you’re not sure, you can wait until after the divisional games and make your prediction before the AFC and NFC championship games on January 20, 2013, the odds are far more favorable, but of course, the reward is less, with the prize going down to $100 worth of retail merchandise from the Texas Poker Store.

Either way you choose to make your prediction, if you’re declared the winner you will be able to choose anything you need (up to the value of your winnings) from our in-stock inventory. Choose from a wide selection of poker chips, poker cards or whatever else you may want.

All predictions must comply to our simple contest rules and must be made by clicking here


  1. Jenga says:

    San Fran vs Denver

    Denver winning

  2. Chris Farrar says:

    Denver vs SF with Denver taking it all.

    (Sorry, my Texans…still a few pieces away)

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