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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

I have always loved poker-themed movies, even before I became a real poker enthusiast through watching and blogging about the Global Poker League throughout the year.  Let’s face it; there’s usually some suspense, some thrills, some humor, some paranoia and at least a few fascinating and/or dubious characters – you know, just like a high-stakes poker game.  The “Cincinnati Kid,” “High Roller,” “Rounders,” “Runner Runner,” and who can forget “Casino Royal”  when James Bond sits at the final table and defeats his arch enemy, LeChiffre,  are among the many films that come to mind as poker-based and fun to watch. Not to mention Negreanu’s documentary, “KidPoker,” which we have written about several times in this blog.

Molly "Princess of Poker" BloomSo it’s no wonder that I’m eagerly awaiting a movie on the horizon titled, “Molly’s Game.” First of all, one of my all-time favorite wordsmiths, Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, will be making his debut as the director of the film. He’s brilliant, and his dialogue is always spot on, so I know he’ll capture all the action at the poker tables with perfection.

The movie is based on former high-stakes “Poker Princess” Molly Bloom.  Never heard of her? Well, she came to L.A. at the age of 26 and rose from cocktail waitress to running the most exclusive, star-studded underground poker game ever seen in Hollywood, with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, during the late 2000s. Her private games attracted a who’s who list of pro athletes, financiers, billionaires and A-list actors, including Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire, Leo and Matt. Eventually, the game moved to NY and was ultimately shut down by the FBI (but you can see all about that in the movie.)

Jessica ChastainIdris ElbaAs if that weren’t enough, the super-talented, two-time Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty, The Martian) has signed on to play Molly Bloom and the sexy, charismatic British actor, Idris Elba, (The Wire, Luther, Star Trek:Beyond, Beasts of No Nation) will play Bloom’s attorney.

As Sorkin stated, “They’re two of the greatest actors of their generation, paired for the first time, and their chemistry will be electric.”

Others in serious talks to join the cast are Kevin Costner and Michael Cera.

It’s scheduled for release in 2017 and I can’t wait. In my mind, this promises to be the next great poker movie.

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Pocket Bullets Paris By: Pocket Bullets Paris

Today we thought we’d lighten it up a little bit; sometimes we need a laugh in between writing  blogs about our favorite SEC football team, Texas A&M , our poker news blogs and our regular general comments blogs. This one had us fooled as we settled back to enjoy a sexy game of strip poker . . . hope you get as big a kick out of it as we did.

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Shuffling cards has been the bane of many a poor soul; a lot of them just can’t seem to get it quite right. They end up folding the cards or they shuffle them so many times that they wear the suits right off of them. So we asked some pros what they thought was the right number of times a deck should be shuffled. The answers we got ran the gamut from down right absurd, to hilarious and even to some well thought out mathematical formula that supposedly figures that the right number of times for a deck of 52 cards would be 7 times for them to be sufficiently mixed, that according to Persi Diaconis as reported in the New York Times several years ago.

That is way too much for us, and we’re sure, most poker players to worry about. We just play the game and as long as you don’t shuffle like Moe of the Three Stooges  in this video, then we’re good. But if all you can do is what Mo does, then maybe you should just pick up a good automatic card shuffler and get on with the game.

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Is Poker bigger than the Super Bowl? Is the sport of kings really high stakes poker? Are poker players the last American cowboys? Is poker really just about the money? This film may cause you to ask a lot of questions, but in the end we  play because although it can be very rewarding, it’s mostly about the excitement. As Doyle Brunson has said; “Poker isn’t about winning or losing, poker is about making the right decision.” He also said; “When luck shuts the door, you gotta come in through the window and that’s where the skill comes in. You gotta have the courage to bluff.”

Like the song we just wrote says;  “I may be bluffin’, but you’ll never know.” When we bluff, that’s when our heart rate jumps, and when we scoop the poker chips, that’s when our adrenalin rushes; that’s why we play. Why do you?

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