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Texas Poker StoreBy: Queen of Hearts ParisQueen of Hearts Paris

I really enjoy looking at the various poker signs hanging in a person’s poker room or man cave; they help personalize the space. Some are there to loudly proclaim their favorite NCAA team or “represent” their alma mater. Others are funny poker sayings, while others seem to capture the essence of poker. We carry officially licensed NCAA poker signs and mirrors in the Texas Poker Store, although the most common signs, like the proverbial “Folding is for Quitters” and humorous classics such as: “If You Can’t Spot the Sucker at the Poker Table, It’s Probably You” and “Trust Everyone . . . But Always Cut the Cards” are, unfortunately, often out of stock due to their popularity.

Poker Room Mirror Four AcesSo I started collecting good poker quotes that would make equally good signs if someone clever wanted to produce them. I discovered that a lot of people have made observations about poker, some because they play professionally and others because they happen to love poker. For example, the brilliant playwright David Mamet had a very insightful one: “You Can’t Bluff Someone Who’s Not Paying Attention,” while professional poker player Dan Reed is credited with, “You Will Show Your Poker Greatness by the Hands You Fold, not the Hands You Play.”

The Rounders-inspired poker player, Dutch Boyd, known for creating the first online poker site, is quoted as saying, “Poker is a Lot Like Sex. Everyone Thinks They Are the Best, but Most Don’t Have a Clue What They are Doing.” That would make a heck of a poker sign. It’s kind of like Chris Moneymaker’s well-known quote,The Beautiful Thing About Poker is That Everybody Thinks They Can Play.”Poker Room Sign

Poker star Phil Hellmuth could certainly have sold a lot of signs with his statements about the role of luck, including: “If There Weren’t Luck Involved, I Would Win Every Time” andPoker is 100% Skill and 50% Luck.”

One of my favorites comes from the legendary baseball player, Jackie Robinson, who said, “Baseball is Like a Poker Game. Nobody Wants to Quit When He’s Losing; Nobody Wants YOU to Quit When You’re Ahead.”

We’ll follow up with more ideas for good poker signs in our next blog. Until then, let us know if you have any suggestions. So what is your favorite Poker quote? Send it to us and we just might use it.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

We’ve had some fun with our series on the perfect poker-themed Man Cave for your budget, and have so far shared some suggestions for furnishing man caves for high-end and medium-size budgets. But hey, not all of us can afford that much luxury, at least not yet, so until we win the lottery, make our way to some final tables at the WSOP, or find a bucket full of cash somewhere, we’ll just have to be a little thrifty with our man caves. But not to worry; we’ve got you covered.

The following are some suggestions for any of you who may be temporarily financially challenged. Check it out:

Ultimate Poker TableThe Ultimate Poker Table is most deserving of its name for anybody on a budget. It’s a beautiful 10-player positions table with 3″ stainless steel cup holders. Unlike your lesser grade folding leg tables, this folding leg table features a  steel welded frame that will support up to 200 lbs. So even if some of your players get a little out of hand, go on tilt and bounce off the table, it will take most, if not all of their abuse. And if someone gets careless and spills a drink, you have nothing to worry about. The surface is completely removable, so you can easily resurface and upgrade the felt. All that, and it is delivered to your front door at just under $600.00.

500 Poker Chips SetThen pick up a set of 500 quality poker chips in a nice aluminum case, a couple of decks of cards, and some dealer buttons, all for under $80.00. The rest would be up to you. You can decorate your man cave with posters or poker signs, maybe bring in a mini fridge, a small sound system with well placed speakers for some cool poker tunes, or even a flat screen TV. At that point, you are ready to host a minimum of 10 poker players, all ready and eager to lose their discretionary funds at your table . . .  and that means you can keep on dreaming about your perfect man cave. Good luck.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

In our last blog, we concentrated on a medium-budget poker-themed man cave. Today, we’ll step it up and go for one that will hit your bank account a little bit harder, but if you can handle it, then you might as well go for it.

Naturally, it still depends on what size room you are working with, but we’ll leave you to decide what you can or cannot fit into your space. We’ll just provide you with some ultra-cool stuff to use to trick out your man cave.

Rockwell Dining ConversionWe’ll start with a Rockwell Poker Table with room for ten players. Customized with a matching dining room top and ten premium leather-backed chairs for a pre-game dinner for your guests. Once dinner is finished and everyone is ready to play, the dining top comes off The Premium Rockwell Poker Tableto reveal a sweet playing surface customized with your name, logo or any design you want, a comfortable thick arm rest, and 4-inch stainless steel cup holders built into the mahogany race track to hold your guests’ perfect pour of scotch. Complete set comes in around $4,500.00

1000 Paulson Top-Hat & Cane Poker ChipsCopag Poker CardsEveryone buys in and you distribute their stacks of Paulson Tophat & Cane Poker Chips, you break out the new decks of premium Copag cards and you’re ready to “Shuffle Up and Deal.”  1,000 Paulson chips and a few decks of Copags will run about $1,700.00.

And as we said last time, you can decorate your room with a large screen TV, a great sound system to play your favorite tunes, a fully stocked bar with a mini fridge and a few appropriately placed poker signs, and you’re ready for a high-class night of poker. Send out your invites . . . and make sure to send one to us!

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

First things first;  the perfect man cave to you may not be perfect to others. We’re going to make our suggestions based on what would be some cool stuff to put into a poker-themed man cave. The following suggestions are based on our experiences playing poker at way too many places from California to New York.

The man caves we have had the privilege of being invited to range from tiny rooms to large open spaces that could fit several poker tables as well as maybe a craps table, a pool table, and even a full bar. Therefore, rather than dictate the perfect design for yours, over the next few days we’ll just give you a few insights as to how to furnish your perfect man cave.

First and foremost for any poker-themed room would, of course, be the perfect table, and that would obviously depend on your budget. So, we’ll begin today with some ideas for a medium- budget room:

The Lumen Poker TableThe Lumen Poker Table, priced at just under $1800, is a kidney-bean shaped table with 11 positions (10 players + a dealer). It has integrated LED lighting, cup holders, Napa pedestal legs, and can be fully customized with your own graphics. Great table perfect for that medium-end budget.

Deser Heat 1000 count chip setThen, of course, you’ll need some poker chips. The perfect set for this set-up,  the 1000 count Claysmith “Desert Heat” chip set in an aluminum case, comes in at just slightly more than $200.00, and it even includes a dealer button and three decks of cards.

You can then decorate your room, again depending on your budget, with a large screen TV, maybe a few poker signs, a cool sound system to play your favorite tunes, a bar with a mini fridge, and you’re ready to host some friendly poker games.

Next time we’ll get into some higher-end rooms. Until then, click here to leave us your comments!