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I’m going to have to skip my regular Thursday night-with-the-guys poker game this week due to a fancy shindig that my wife and I need to attend. It’s for a worthy charity, so I guess I can’t complain. Then, the next poker night, the friendly one with couples, is also going to bite the dust. That game occurs on Sunday nights, but not this Sunday.

Super Bowl XLVIThis Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, and as most of you know by now, our other passion is football. But this just isn’t any Super Bowl for our family; it’s the NY Giants playing the New England Patriots. Now, for those of you who follow my blogs, you know what huge Aggie football fans we are. What some of you may not know is what huge NY Giant fans we are. My wife was born and raised in New York, and as she says, she was born a Giant fan. Lucky for me, I love New York too.

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So this Sunday we’ll be focusing on the Super Bowl and rooting hard for Eli Manning and crew. There will be no poker chips or poker tables in sight. Instead, we’ll have on our Giant tee-shirts and caps, hoping for a great game and a Super Bowl win for the G-men.

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