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Pocket Bullets ParisPocket Bullets Paris

Two more days before the Seahawks meet the Broncos for the final battle to win the bragging rights, the  rings, the trophy . . . and the Super Bowl Championship? Sunday, February 2nd starting at 6:30 pm. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos will battle against the unpredictable Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. Manning is a by-the book, stay-in-the-pocket quarterback. He is consistently tight when he hands off the rock and when he throws he is precise with damn near flawless execution.  He is only the third quarterback to lead two different teams to a Super Bowl. Wilson represents the new breed of athletic QB, the type that adapts quickly, passes from any angle and runs like the wind, which baffles the defense and makes it very hard to contain him.

Super Bowl 2014The Broncos are, as of today Friday Jan 31st, the 2.5-point favorites on most sports books. But we don’t care  about all the sports books out there, we care about your predictions. So what’s it gonna be? Will the Seattle Seahawks finally take home their first Championship? Or will the Denver Broncos take down their third title?

You have until Sunday, before kick-off to cast your final score predictions. Don’t delay; you must enter your prediction before the start of the game on Sunday, February 2 at 6:30 pm ET. Whoever comes closest first without going over will win a deck of Texas Hold em poker Copag playing cards. So get your final score predictions in now!

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Pocket Bullets ParisPocket Bullets Paris

Heading into the Saturday game at Kyle Field ( on CBS at 2:30 CST) it’s best to forget about last year’s Aggie rout of the Tigers and remember what Coach Sumlin said when asked about the difference between last year’s Auburn team and this year’s.

“They’re 5-1,” Sumlin said. “They’re ranked 24th in the country. They’re very different from the team we played last year.”

So, what does Texas A&M have to look out for? The running game, led by Tre Mason against an Aggie D that’s been gashed all year against the run. The Tigers also have a good quarterback in Nick Marshall who can run and pass, possibly creating some problems for our secondary. And a fired up team playing under an excellent new coach named Gus Malzahn.

And what does Auburn have to look out for? Obviously, like every other team, they have to try (somehow) to contain Johnny Manziel, a feat becoming more challenging with every week. Their defense has to contend with our powerful running game, led by Ben Malena, Trey Williams and Manziel, and our receivers . . .. Mike Evans, Malcolme Kennedy, Sabian Holmes, Derel Walker . . . and a whole bunch of others waiting in the wings. And, of course, one of the biggest stars from last week: Travis Labhart!

So will the Aggie defense make the big plays when they need to like they did against Ole Miss? Will the Aggie offense continue to score at will? Or is Auburn ready for a huge win? As always, we’re picking the Ags to win this one, although we think it may be close.A set of Copag Poker Sized Cards

Whoever comes closest (without going over) to predicting the final score will win a double set of  World Class Copag Poker Playing Cards. That is two complete decks of durable professional high quality poker-size plastic-coated cards. You could be the winner this time. It’s easy. Just click on the Leave your Comments link below and post your prediction. We will get in touch with you within 48 hours after the end of the game if you are the winner.

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keith-hayes2We love to give out prizes, especially when it means that we’re making new friends all over the country. Last month, the winner of our “Click It To Win It” prize was Keith Hayes, from Marietta, Georgia. He’s obviously a huge fan of the game and plays Fresh Deck Poker and Texas Holdem online. We were happy to send him a deck of-top-of the-line Copag playing cards and a Texas Poker Store key ring to bring him luck in his poker games; all we asked is for him to send us a picture when he received his prize. He did, and here he is, holding his prizes. Keith is our first winner from the state of Georgia, but hopefully, not our last.texas-holdem-poker-cards

You, too, can win a prize and have your picture posted online. Just go to to our Facebook page and play “Click-It-To-Win-It” to be eligible for our March prize.

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10-P01695-BLKIt was indeed an incredibly tight game with the Baltimore Ravens taking the lead right from the beginning and keeping it until the end. But not without some thrills. The San Francisco 49ers battled hard and came back to within inches from Michael Crabtree grabbing the trophy away from the Ravens. It was an exciting game and even with the power out it still kept us glued to the tube waiting to see which of our friends and fans came closest to predicting the final score. Since no one won the $200 prize nor the $100 prize, we were anxiously waiting and hoping that one of you, unlike Crabtree , would actually reach a little further and grab the last chance at winning.

We’re glad to report that Macy Sourdellia from Texas A&M came closest with her prediction of Baltimore Ravens 27 San Francisco 49ers 24. Good job Macy! You have won the deck of poker-sized Copag playing cards from TPS.

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