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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris 

I just learned something today that totally shocked me. Did you know that the weekly poker game you host in your man-cave – the one with the brand new custom Lumen poker table that you’re so proud of — or maybe The Lumen Poker Table the game you attend twice-a-month after hours at the office, is actually ILLEGAL in some states? Seriously. I knew there were some pretty obscure laws still on the books, like dogs aren’t permitted to bark after 6 P.M. in Little Rock, Arkansas, or bear wrestling is prohibited in Alabama and wading in public fountains is forbidden in parts of Kansas. But not being able to play poker in your own home? Talk about intrusive!

So, for those of you wanting to know if you’ve been breaking the law during your weekly poker game, the answer might be YES, if you reside in:

Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi (where you can bet on dog fighting, but not a home game of poker!) Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Of course, that still leaves plenty of states where hosting or attending a home or private poker game is perfectly legal. Take California and Colorado, for example, where you can legally play poker at home while smoking legal, recreational marijuana! (probably not a great idea, but still . . . it’s absolutely legal.) You’re also legal in Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, and North Dakota.

All of the above-mentioned legal “home poker” games, otherwise known as social gambling, abide by a set of guidelines that most of us accept as reasonable:

  1. The host, or homeowner, may not receive economic gain for hosting the game, only from personal winnings (no rakes allowed!);
  2. All players must have an equal opportunity to win and
  3. The poker game is played in a private setting (home, private club etc.)

I have no idea how these social guidelines are enforced, but you can add Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Washington to the list of legal states by that criterion. If you dig deeper into the laws for each state, you can find little quirks governing home poker games beyond the three social guidelines. For instance, in Colorado, Connecticut and Wyoming, players must be able to prove that they have a bona fide social relationship outside of a gambling setting. And in Florida, players are restricted to a $10 maximum limit on a single hand (known as “penny-ante” poker games.)

It’s all pretty confusing, especially once you get past the illegal states. That’s why, if you’ve been counting, there are only 48 states mentioned. The laws in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts don’t actually refer to home poker games at all, leaving it up to the residents to decide.

In fact, we’d be willing to bet (see how hard it is to avoid using gambling terminology?) that whatever state you live in, if you want to play poker at home with your friends you’ll find a way to shuffle up and deal. Good luck.

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Jim “Pocket Bullets” Paris
Texas Poker Store Holidays Specials
The poker world saw a lot of action this year, including the successful first season of “team poker” with the 12-team Global Poker League, as well as the thrilling Final Table at the 2016 World Series of Poker. We loved watching the daring new WSOP Champion, Mr. Qui Nguyen, who by now has probably had a blast completing his holiday shopping spree. Those of you who didn‘t have an $8M payday, however, may need a little help as well as some bargains!

When poker has a good year, it means the Texas Poker Store has a good year, which makes us feel generous. Because we’re feeling generous, we are running our 10% Off Everything Holiday Special. Use it for the poker enthusiasts on your shopping list or get yourself a poker accessory you’ve always wanted. Here are three of our top picks: Set of 300 Las Vegas 14 Gram Chips

• This set of 300 Las Vegas Poker chips is ideal for your next home game. Each chip is made from clay composite materials and weighs 14 grams. The chips are housed in a rich walnut case.


Lumen Poker Table with HD Lights• Our kick-ass Lumen Poker Table, a spacious (101.5 in x 46 in), ten-player plus dealer “kidney bean” shaped poker table, accented by its signature, remote-controlled waterproof LED trim.

2 decks of world class copag playing cards


• A set of world class Copag™ cards with Poker Size Regular Index – Orange and Brown Setup – grab a set for yourself or several sets as stocking stuffers. Copag™ cards are considered by many to be the finest in the world.

And lots and lots more……

We have more than 300 products available now (as long as they remain in stock). So hurry up and start shopping; we don’t want you to miss out on saving 10% on your poker-related shopping list.

Happy Holidays to all.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

First things first;  the perfect man cave to you may not be perfect to others. We’re going to make our suggestions based on what would be some cool stuff to put into a poker-themed man cave. The following suggestions are based on our experiences playing poker at way too many places from California to New York.

The man caves we have had the privilege of being invited to range from tiny rooms to large open spaces that could fit several poker tables as well as maybe a craps table, a pool table, and even a full bar. Therefore, rather than dictate the perfect design for yours, over the next few days we’ll just give you a few insights as to how to furnish your perfect man cave.

First and foremost for any poker-themed room would, of course, be the perfect table, and that would obviously depend on your budget. So, we’ll begin today with some ideas for a medium- budget room:

The Lumen Poker TableThe Lumen Poker Table, priced at just under $1800, is a kidney-bean shaped table with 11 positions (10 players + a dealer). It has integrated LED lighting, cup holders, Napa pedestal legs, and can be fully customized with your own graphics. Great table perfect for that medium-end budget.

Deser Heat 1000 count chip setThen, of course, you’ll need some poker chips. The perfect set for this set-up,  the 1000 count Claysmith “Desert Heat” chip set in an aluminum case, comes in at just slightly more than $200.00, and it even includes a dealer button and three decks of cards.

You can then decorate your room, again depending on your budget, with a large screen TV, maybe a few poker signs, a cool sound system to play your favorite tunes, a bar with a mini fridge, and you’re ready to host some friendly poker games.

Next time we’ll get into some higher-end rooms. Until then, click here to leave us your comments!