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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

It’s not unusual to run into either a good streak or, for that matter, a bad streak. It’s not all that unusual to sit at a Texas Hold ’em game, sure you are holding the best hand, only to have someone beat you on the river. You’ve done it yourself, you probably have pulled a winner on the river, or even gotten there with a runner-runner for the win. But what is unusual and defies all natural laws of probability, is when you meet up with someone who seems to posses extraordinary, supernatural good luck time after time.

That is the case with one of our newest players at our Thursday’s Texas Hold ’em tourneys. Seems as though this guy pulls winning hands constantly, and has been doing so from the very first time he joined us. For example, in the game before last everyone had folded round the table till it got to the button, the guy on the button bet about a third of his stack, small blind folded instantly and big blind, our ever-lucky player, snap-called. The flop was 8s – 8d – Kh. Our button man led in with a sizable bet and Mr. Luck again snap-called. The turn was an Ah; both players checked. The river was Ac. The player in position splashes all in and Lucky calls it again. Button man turns up pocket Kings for the full-house, and our super natural, extremely lucky new player turns pocket Aces for quads.

Texas Poker Store chipsAt yesterday’s game, Mr. Lucky had Aces against my Kings; he had an Ace high flush against a King high flush. He had a runner-runner Full-House against a a smaller Full-House. He had trips several times and lots of other insane hands. He even got luck reigning down supreme over his game when he took several pots with low pairs because the other players just didn’t make their flush or straight or  anything at all. I think that at some point he even raked in the poker chips with a pair of deuces.

The funny thing is, Mr. Luck is actually a fairly good player, but with all that luck he is an insane opponent. When you run into a guy like Mr. Luck, it might save you some aggravation to just hand him your buy in and go home.

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