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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

One of the nicest trends happening in the poker world recently is the desire to give back.  Of course, there have always been charitable players, but for the most part they were individuals who donated a portion of their earnings to causes they believed in. Phil Hellmuth, to name just one, has been involved with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Peace Thru Sports Foundation of Shimon Peres and several other charities.

With the poker boom came poker organizations, like PokerStars and their players, making substantive contributions every year to various worthy causes, from  tsunami relief in 2004 to helping the victims of the devastating earthquake that ripped apart Haiti in 2010.

One Drop, a charity dedicated to providing access to safe drinking water around the world, received tremendous attention in the poker world and beyond, especially in 2012 during the Big One for One Drop heads-up match between Antonio Esfandiari and Sam Trickett. $111,111 from each entry went to One Drop, totaling $5.3 million, the single biggest donation any poker event had ever produced. In fact, over the last five years over $10 million has been raised by the annual One Drop tournaments at the WSOP.

Adriano Mannino Since 2014, however, there has been an increase in charitable donations across the poker world. One of the primary reasons for that is REG, or Raising for Effective Giving.  Three poker superstars, Liv Boeree, Igor Kurganov, and Philipp Gruissem, already involved with effective altruism, pitched the idea of spreading the word to the poker community and soon REG was born, with Adriano Mannino named REG Chairman.

REG takes donations and distributes them to groups that are the most effective in reducing suffering around the world. Briefly, REG use scientific facts and rational decision-making, collaborations with researchers, think tanks, and analysts, to find the most effective charitable opportunities, those that help the most people possible for the amount of money raised. By doing so, donations become more cost effective by increasing the number of people helped per unit of money donated. In other words, they know how to get the most bang for their bucks.

Every day, more poker players are pledging to participate in REG, and it is quickly becoming a preferred way for them to donate to charitable organizations around the world.

REG has always had the goal to establish a “culture of giving” in the poker community, one that extends beyond the occasional charity-specific poker tournament. Nevertheless, spokesperson Boeree, noting the incredible success of One Drop, says that in 2017;  “ I really think one of the most biggest, and also the most fun ways I can think of doing is having a couple of these big charity tournaments. You’ve seen the fantastic success of One Drop, some of the events PokerStars have. We have the contacts to do that, we have the locations. That’s what we want to knuckle down and do – one or two really fun, prestigious—probably more high roller-oriented charity tournaments.”

Whether it’s a few major charity tournaments or a new way of life for players, charities around the world are benefiting from the generous nature of the poker community.

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Holding a "Royal Flush"By: Pocket Bullets Paris

These days there are more and more poker players taking home millions of dollars, but only one has taken at least one million every year for five years in a row. Erick Lindgren came away with over a million dollars every year from 2004 to 2008. Those are some fairly strong poker chops in our book.

Not many people can ever achieve such lofty success on the poker tables, but there are several current heavy-duty players that could tie Lingren’s record this year and probably break it in 2016. Our favorite player of all time, Daniel Negreanu, stands a better-than-average chance at taking home more than a million again this year. He has made well over a million each year for the last four years, including more than 10 million last year alone. And with the current high-stake poker games worldwide, there is little doubt that our man will add another million minimum to his bankroll and tie Lindgren’s record.

Other players that could easily tie this record are: Philipp Gruissem (closing in on 10 million in total winnings), Brian Rast (7 million +), and David “Doc” Sands (with more than 5.7 million in poker earnings).

Daniel "Kid Poker" NegreanuEach of these guys has broken the million dollar mark for the last four consecutive years so they all stand a damn good chance at tying Erick Lindgren’s record this year, but we’ll predict that Mr. Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu will tie it and go on to break it in 2016. What do you think?

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Vinny The GrinderThe Grinder

It’s fair to say that words play a naturally eerie and suggestive trick sometimes. Language in itself is such an incomprehensible science, that linguists are sometimes compelled to define something with a word that naturally and phonetically sounds like what it is, like quack  (duck”, woof (dog) or moo (cow). In simple words, some things practically name themselves, don’t they? It’s the same with people. Some people tend to achieve or be exactly what they are known as, or what their names mean, literally.

Mr. Bill CashWe know that metonyms and pseudonyms are figures of speech in which words are used colloquially as a substitute for something else—an action, a function, a part of a whole, a person, or vice versa. I have my very first Poker Figure Of Speech. It’s called Aleatonym; Aleato is the Latin prefix for gambling or chance. An aleatonym is a figure of speech where a poker player’s name suggests the measure of his or her achievements at the tables, level of skill, style or comport.

Here are a few examples:

Chris Moneymaker: Not only did he make money, he set a trend for dreamers.

Barry Greenstein: The Einstein of Greens!

Philipp Gruissem: Gruesome on the poker table, indeed.

Jason Coon: This racoon will slyly steal all your chips.

Jeremy Ausmus: Truly, one of the awesomest poker players around.

Matthew Stout: A stout stack of chips, and a stout bank account.

Matt Glantz: Has a menacing glance, like Ivey.

Matthew Waxman: He reminds me of Dr. Emmett Brown from Back To The Future series, and has a cold dead stare, like a wax man.

Poker Chips from the Texas Poker StoreChristian Harder: Not easy to get his poker chips.

Sergio Aido: Never ask him whether he’s going to call, or you might hear “I do.”

Manig Loeser: He’s definitely not, but will make you one for sure, if you try and outplay him!

Lastly, the best of them all! David ‘Chip’ Reese: You know what he amassed for a living.

These sharks are among the top 100 players in 2013 and have more than a million dollars in winnings. I have to disagree with Shakespeare, and say ‘There’s gotta be something in a name!’ Can you think of more?

Good luck!

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