Happy New Year – May The Poker Gods Smile Upon You!

Friday, December 27, 2019
Pocket Bullets Paris

Jim “Pocket Bullets” Paris 

Another decade has flown by and poker has continued to turn dreamers into poker millionaires. Here is a quick list of the top five all-time biggest winners:

1. Justin Bonomo – $43,463,089
2. Daniel Negreanu – $39,830,194
3.Erik Seidel – $34,601,320
4. Fedor Holz – $32,556,377
5. Antonio Esfandiari – $27,600,000

That comes out to a whopping $178,050,980.00 … that is one hell of a lot of money earned by just the top five players. The question is; how much have you taken home from the game we all love?

To come close to earning even a tiny fraction of that kind of money, you have to play a lot, which means practice, practice and more practice. Play online, play at home, play at every local game you can find. Understand every move you make, study every move your opponents make. And maybe, after thousands of hands played, you might be starting to figure it out. And then, and only then, you might be ready to sit at a professional poker table with some worthy opponents who will, of course, try to squash you quickly and take all your chips.

So, with that said we wish all of you the most prosperous New Year in 2020.

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