Win Big by controlling the look, feel and mood of your poker room.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Lynn "Queen of Hearts" Paris

Lynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

We here at the Texas Poker Store love
it when we can introduce a new or enhanced product or feature to our customers. One of our most popular tables has always been the Elite, a classy table with black, solid oak  pedestal legs and a depth of two inches from the top of the ultra-wide armrest to the playing surface, creating a sunken playing area that adds a distinct element to play, giving the playing surface a pit feel. The playing surface can be customized which means you can choose the color of
your standard cloth or  speed cloth that you prefer or submit your own custom graphics (your company name or the logo of your poker club). The dimensions are: 94in x 44in x 30in and many customers have opted to add the dining top, increasing the dimensions to 96in x46in x 30in.

Elite Alpha ClassicWe are now pleased to introduce the Elite Alpha Classic, with all the features of the Elite, including the same ultra-wide armrest and solid oak pedestal, but with something added for the alpha players among you. If you like the idea of matching your personality by incorporating LED lighting trim on your poker table, you can do it with just one touch of the standard remote, or you can splurge with a programmable WiFi remote controlled by your smartphone. Imagine having 16 high-quality LED colors as well as five different light modes to play with.

Elite Alpha-Wild-Croc ArmrestYou may not be able to control who wins the next poker tournament, but you can be a big winner by controlling the look, feel and mood of your poker room.


Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll make it happen for you.

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