Put Your Poker Chips Away – It’s Time For SEC Football

Saturday, October 6, 2012

This week we wrote about the issues with Full Tilt Poker and Howard Lederer and the rest of the FTP group and their problems with the Feds and last year’s resulting Black Friday. We wrote about the light at the end of the tunnel coming from the purchase of FTP’s assets by PokerStars and their subsequent settlement and we will continue to monitor these events.

But not today, because it is Aggie football time and we are pumped up to cheer for our Texas A&M Aggies  on their first SEC away game in Oxford, Mississippi against Ole Miss. Two up tempo offenses, but our money is definitely on the Ags to BTHO Ole Miss.

So y’all need to put your poker chips away tonight, cause it’s time for SEC Football and our beloved Aggies.

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