We Have Released Our Poker Song Just in Time For The 2012 WSOP Final Table

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Texas Poker Store has released its new poker song and music video with its own final table just in time for y’all to enjoy before the 2012 WSOP  Octo Nine meet at this year’s “Final Table.”  To celebrate our release, we are presenting a Rock n Roll concert at the Grand Stafford Theater in Historic Downtown Bryan,  Texas, on October 27. The concert features Tracii Guns’ League of Gentlemen, Randy Pavlock with Twenty Four Seven, and BoJest. Randy Pavlock and Jim Paris wrote “I May Be Bluffin” and Randy performed it in fine style with a rockin’ cast and amazing crew. Check it out and then Like it so we know y’all enjoyed it, after all we did push our poker chips all in just to please y’all.

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  1. Robert Lovato says:

    Hey Jim , and Texas poker Guys You have a winner for sure , this video kicks royal butt ! I’m proud to be shareing !

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