Still Time to Win the $100 Super Bowl XLVII Prize from the Texas Poker Store

Tuesday, January 15, 2013



Hey everyone!  Now that what many call the best weekend of pro football — the divisional playoffs — are over, we know that it will be the Baltimore Ravens vs. the New England Patriots playing for the AFC Championship  and the Atlanta Falcons battling the San Francisco 49’ers for the NFC Championship. That means there’s still time to make your prediction before the AFC and NFC championship games on January 20th.

As we told you, now that the odds are distinctly in your favor, there’s no longer a chance at the $200 gift prize. But you still have the opportunity to be tTPSchipshe first to correctly predict the two Super Bowl contenders, and the Super Bowl Champs for $100 worth of retail merchandise from the Texas Poker Store. Might as well take a shot and make a prediction. I’m putting my poker chips on the 49’ers taking it all after watching Colin Kaepernick run around like Johnny Football last week, but your bet is the one that counts!

All predictions must comply to our simple contest rules and must be made by clicking here

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