Could “Survivor” Survive Negreanu?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Survivor Daniel Negreanu???Today my wife, who’s an avid fan of “Survivor” (okay, I watch it with her occasionally) showed me an article in Poker News that caught her attention. It seems that one of her favorite poker players, Daniel Negreanu, has expressed an interest in being on the hit show. And, he admits that he would receive some good coaching from his friend, and one of the all-time best “Survivor” players, “Boston” Rob Mariano.  He also revealed a small part of his strategy by telling Poker News that he imagines some of the other players might recognize him. That’s usually the kiss of death for a contestant on “Survivor;” you never want anyone else to know that you’re wealthy and don’t need the money. But Negreanu said that letting his competition know he has money would be part of his game plan. TPSchipsSounds like a poker player. There’s only one catch, and that involves getting his U.S. citizenship. But if Negreanu wants it badly enough, I’d put all my custom poker chips on him right now.

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