Predict the Final Score for Texas A&M vs. Alabama and Win Big!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pocket Bullets ParisPocket Bullets Paris

A.J. McCarron vs Johnny ManzielWhat a difference a year makes! As we begin SEC play for the 2013 Aggie football season, we also launch our annual Predict the Score Contest. And this year we’re leading off with the most highly anticipated football game in the country  ̶  the showdown between #6 Texas A&M Aggies and #1 Alabama’s Crimson Tide.  Between the spectacular Johnny Football and the incredible offensive weapons he has at his disposal and the out-for-revenge (but vehemently denying it) Nick Saban and his PROCESS. CBS is here getting their “Johnny Cam” ready to roll for their full game coverage. ESPN is here interviewing Coach Sumlin and setting up for another College Game Day from Aggieland. It’s a media frenzy, a fan frenzy and a Texas Poker Store frenzy.

Texas Poker Store Tournament PackageSo, with everything on the line, be the first to predict the final score of the game, and whoever comes closest to the actual final score will win a Texas Poker Store Tournament Package, a prize worthy of such a monumental game. It includes a Texas Hold’em  folding table top, 300 poker chips with an aluminum carrying case,  2 card decks, a tournament timer, and dealer buttons. As a tie-breaker, predict how many passing yards JFF will rack up and whoever comes the closest in yards will break the tie and win it all. We’re so pumped we can barely type, but we’re going all in on this one, offering a great prize for an epic game.

Of course, we predict an Aggie W in a hard-fought game. What’s your prediction? You can’t win if you don’t play, and playing is easy! Just click on the Leave your Comments link below and post your final score prediction and tie-breaker. We will get in touch with you within 48 hours after the end of the game if you are the winner. BTHOPredict-the-Score and BTHOBama!

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  1. Lynn says:

    Texas A&M – 31
    Alabama – 24

    JFF – 370

  2. Tlicious says:

    Ags win 31 – 28
    JFF 470 yds

  3. Hurricane Gretchen says:

    A&M = 34
    Bama = 31
    **I’m being REALLY optimistic here!

    passing = 375


  4. tommy says:

    35 A&M
    17 Bama

  5. Aggies – 27
    Tide- 24

    Passing 332

  6. TAMU- 31

    Total passing 327

    Gig ’em Aggies. BTHO Bama!

  7. Coach Ry says:

    Texas A&M 38
    Bama 34

  8. Buddy says:

    Ags – 38
    Bama – 31

    Passing – 340

  9. Chris 'Crazy 8's' Farrar says:

    A&M = 35
    bama = 31

    Passing = 359


  10. Kendall Clair 24 says:

    28 Texas A&M
    15 Alabama

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