Samson’s Wrath Is Upon Us – Watch Out For The Nordic Baldies

Monday, March 10, 2014

Vinny the GrinderBy The Grinder

Extremely stressed out or extremely Nordic, bald poker players have always been in the spotlight. The stigma leads one to picture a reckless sleepless consummate poker pro who breathes, eats and sleeps online poker. Not entirely true, but like lefties, Nordic Baldies do stand out—mostly due to their menacing, and at times crazed aggression.

Bald Poker PlayerMore than a decade ago, I remember Gus Hansen frustrating the likes of T.J.Coultier and Doyle Brunson on TV. He even busted Negreanu for half-a-mil in one of the biggest pots at the time. He might not have been responsible for the Nordic craze that followed in the next decade, but he definitely set the standard and inspired many. Finnish Antonius and Sahamies and The Great Dane Danish Gus Hansen have a style that many have tried to emulate. While Antonius has been the saner among this lot, Illari Ziigmund Sahamies recently went almost broke, and Gus, despite winning big this past week online, is consistently featured on The Railbird Report as a massive loser.

Timely aggression is good, but crazed aggression has a prize to pay at the poker tables. Other than that, Scandinavians have done quite well. As you read this blog, there are thousands of laggy Nordic teens crowbarring pots of money from their online opponents, half of them bald I’m sure. Could this be Samson’s curse? Samson was Delilah’s lover, and the Philistines tried every tactic in their book, but couldn’t kill him. Achilles had his heel, Samson, his hair. His life was locked up in his seven locks of hair, and nobody knew about it. Finally, the Philistines bribed Delilah with eleven hundred silver pieces, and she got Samson to give away his secret. Just a crazy thought, but maybe Samson sent out his army to get back at the human race, in the form of Bald Nordics!


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