Time After Time – Mike “Timex” McDonald or Erik “Rolex” Boneta – What’s Better Rolex or Timex

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vinny the GrinderBy: The Grinder

At some point, movie lovers who also play poker have dreamt of going back in time with a sports almanac and sports-betting their way to becoming billionaires, like Biff Tannen does in the movie “Back To The Future.”

To some of us, it seems like that would be the only way to mint that kind of dough. To others, like Mike McDonald and Erik Boneta, time travel seems unnecessary to roll in the benjies. Their poker aliases also suggest that time is, and has always been, on their side. Mike Mcdonald amassed over half-a-million dollars grinding online with the nickname ‘Timex”, while Erik “Rolex” Boneta clicked heels with legendary players on GSN’s High Stakes Poker.

With his online bankroll, Timex has done everything right. In 2008, at the age of eighteen, he won $1.3 Million in an EPT event, and hasn’t looked back since, making $10 million playing live, with several big tournament cashes and wins.

While Rolex, on the other hand, has an infamous reference to his alias, as he was charged by the police for smuggling over 200 gray-market Rolex watches. You wouldn’t say Rolex’s poker game is worthy of praise, after watching him go nuts against Johnny Chan’s Aces here, but he sure must have done something right to be able to play those stakes. When it comes to watches, not a single soul would prefer a Timex to a Rolex.

However, if you had to bet all your poker chips, or as my friend Kenny would say, if you had to ‘bet all your cows and buffaloes‘ on one of these players, it would have to be Timex!

Erik 'Rolex' Boneta

Erik ‘Rolex’ Boneta

Mike "Timex" McDonald

Mike “Timex” McDonald


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