Starting Out In Poker? Know. Talk. Do.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Vinny the GrinderBy The Grinder

I remember my English teacher telling us how to get over our writer’s block by simply penning down three best words that describe the subject matter. A three-word-phrase—like Red-White-Blue describing USA, or Ass-Ass-Ass describing Megan Fox.

What about starting out in Poker? Id’ say Know-Talk-Do. Gambling for a living is a hard way to make easy money. If you’re planning on making a few extra bucks on the side, and playing more than just your friendly drunk game, then Know-Talk-Do.

Try to know all you can. Read a lot of poker books, but make sure they’re current. My picks to start out are “Let There Be Range” by Tri Nguyen and Cole South, “Poker Math That Matters” by Owen Gaines, “Caro’s Book Of Poker Tells” by Mike Caro, and “Raiser’s Edge” by Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier.

Talk isn’t just about talking to people who know more than you do. You’d certainly do that, but you also need to stay current and in tune with new and emerging poker terms to be able to talk the talk and network with players on and off sessions or tournaments, to get them to divulge as much information as possible.

Finally, you do all it takes to implement what you know, and what you’ve been talking about. As David Slanksky, a prolific author on gambling and a poker genius says, “If there’s something I know about the game that the other person doesn’t, and if he’s not willing to learn or can’t understand, then I take his money”.

Good luck!

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