Do Squeaky Wheels Get The Grease In Poker?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vinny the GrinderBy The Grinder

In an all-in situation, many poker players believe that behaving in a certain manner can change or determine the result of a hand. We have all experienced many such players use the word ‘jinx’ in similar coin-flip situations, haven’t we? Ace tournament player Kenny Tran exhibited an interesting level of confidence at one of the World Series of Poker Main Events. He was at a table where a gentleman ran good for a long time, showing nuts after nuts at showdown. At every showdown he would sit still and act his coolest, and the results favored him. Then, after the turn card during one showdown where he was a strong favorite to win, he reacted by getting off his chair, and clapping his hands. Tran immediately warned him that he had jinxed his own luck, and he was going to be sucked out, and that’s exactly what happened.

I don’t, but a lot of poker players believe in not jinxing their luck, by doing the same thing they’re doing or wearing the same clothes during their “run good” period or “running hot” phase in a tourney.Card protectors from the Texas Poker Store

We’ve seen it all, haven’t we? Boisterous sharks with the entire food chain of card protectors; an even noisier clique yelling “Aussie, Aussie”; and the entire troop of the vivid victorious and the livid vanquished. For them, it’s all good and it all works. To me, self-belief is a more plausible explanation than jinx. The people who yell, demonstrate and call out cards to the aural dismay of others, actually believe strongly that they can attract good luck by doing so, and so it occurs. So, whether you hula hoop, sing an opera, jump and yell in ecstasy, or punch your teeth in during coin-flip showdowns, you better believe that it will work, and it will. Fortune favors the brave. Squeaky wheels do get the grease in poker.

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