What Has Your Ghost Of Poker Past Told You?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Vinny the GrinderBy The Grinder

What has your ghost of poker past told you? Mine usually visited me, after I lost big in a cash game, or got knocked out of an important tourney. Fortunately, unlike his cousin, the ghost of Christmas past, he won’t remind you of all the mistakes you’ve made in your life. He usually sticks to your poker mistakes. He’s ready to uncover the dirt you’ve kicked under the carpet, or should I say, felt. His tirades are going to be rude awakenings about the times you’ve excused your foolish tilts as strokes of ill fate. His retrospective recounts are in no way taunting ridicules, rather a warm blanket of comfort after a series of brutal poker sessions that left you clueless and cold. You need to, in fact, you must, acknowledge his grandfatherly advice with acceptance and surrender, and be prepared to utilize it in the future with reckless abandon.

Vinny at the Indian Poker Legends TournamentNext time you see your ghost of poker past, make sure you tag him as the angel lurking over your right shoulder rather than shooing him away as the red devil over your left. An angel he is, and he shall knock hard with his seasoned knuckles on your thick skull, time after time, and tell you some great bits of advice. Example: “next time, take a walk, son”, or “you knew he had it, learn your lesson”. And remember, it’s better to practice what he preaches, and the less you hear from him or see him, the better. It simply means you’re playing better poker.


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