A Disappointing Night For The Aggies … Their Fans … And Us At The Texas Poker Store!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Jim Paris

We learned at the start of the Aggies vs. Mizzou game that star freshman defensive end Myles Garrett and senior defensive tackle Iven Robinson did not suit up because of injuries incurred in last week’s victory over Auburn. That made us a bit anxious, because we know our defense needs all the strong players it can get. Then, in the first half the Aggies lost freshman linebackers Otaro Alaka and Josh Walker, who will likely miss the rest of the season with a broken foot. That heightened the anxiety. But the defense managed to hang tough in the first half and we were hopeful. Then they fell apart. Completely.

Cute play cost A&M the game!

Did this play cost A&M the game?

And in the third quarter they allowed Mizzou to score whenever they felt like it, making them look like a great team instead of a merely pretty good one.  And what can we say about that play in the fourth quarter when Allen, who had mounted a good drive and looked poised to tie the game, rolled right and threw back left to little-used, 6-6, 277-pound tight end Cam Clear. Clear caught the pass at the six-yard line, but could only get to the two before getting stopped. All we needed was a yard for a first down; it was not the time to get cute

Oh well, that’s football, we still love the Aggies, although we are just slightly pissed at them and definitely disappointed as I’m sure y’all are. Everyone that predicted the score for this game wanted the Aggies to win and y’all know what that means … there was no winner for this game’s “Predict the Score” contest at the Texas Poker Store. Better luck next time.

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