Preparing For Your Next Poker Game … and Applying the Golden Rules!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Jim Paris

I get a lot of calls, FaceBook messages and way too many texts asking questions about what to do to at the poker table when playing Texas Hold ‘Em … What should I do with a little Ace, or  a small pair in the middle position, or should I try bluffing with nothing in late position?

My answers are always pretty much the same; I don’t know! What you can do varies a lot, and highly depends on who your opponents are, how many players are left, how many chips you still have, etc. etc. There really are no pat answers. I make my moves based on a zillion little facts but at the end of the day I go with my gut instincts. Sometimes all you really need to do is trust them.

I prepare myself before every game by remembering some of the golden rules I’ve heard from the legends of poker like Phil Negreanu, Mike Caro,  or Antonio Esfandiari. Never play drunk. Don’t gamble with more than you can afford to lose. Never play pissed off (on tilt). Check out what Esfandiari has to say about playing on tilt in the video below.

Follow the advice of the legends, apply the golden rules and have fun. See you at the tables.

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