Our High-End Suggestions For The Perfect Poker-Themed Man Cave

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

In our last blog, we concentrated on a medium-budget poker-themed man cave. Today, we’ll step it up and go for one that will hit your bank account a little bit harder, but if you can handle it, then you might as well go for it.

Naturally, it still depends on what size room you are working with, but we’ll leave you to decide what you can or cannot fit into your space. We’ll just provide you with some ultra-cool stuff to use to trick out your man cave.

Rockwell Dining ConversionWe’ll start with a Rockwell Poker Table with room for ten players. Customized with a matching dining room top and ten premium leather-backed chairs for a pre-game dinner for your guests. Once dinner is finished and everyone is ready to play, the dining top comes off The Premium Rockwell Poker Tableto reveal a sweet playing surface customized with your name, logo or any design you want, a comfortable thick arm rest, and 4-inch stainless steel cup holders built into the mahogany race track to hold your guests’ perfect pour of scotch. Complete set comes in around $4,500.00

1000 Paulson Top-Hat & Cane Poker ChipsCopag Poker CardsEveryone buys in and you distribute their stacks of Paulson Tophat & Cane Poker Chips, you break out the new decks of premium Copag cards and you’re ready to “Shuffle Up and Deal.”  1,000 Paulson chips and a few decks of Copags will run about $1,700.00.

And as we said last time, you can decorate your room with a large screen TV, a great sound system to play your favorite tunes, a fully stocked bar with a mini fridge and a few appropriately placed poker signs, and you’re ready for a high-class night of poker. Send out your invites . . . and make sure to send one to us!

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