Together in Vegas: The Global Poker League and The World Series Of Poker

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Queen of Hearts ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

The spectacular annual World Series of Poker, currently underway in Las Vegas, attracts the world’s best live and online poker players along with thousands of amateur and professional players as well. And it’s absolutely no coincidence that Alex Dreyfus and crew scheduled the Global Poker League’s Summer Series Heads-Up matches to take place in their studio in Vegas at the same time. No surprise, either, that he decided to break out the much-hyped, but not quite ready-for-prime-time Cube ahead of schedule to provide the perfect contrast to the play at the WSOP. It’s up close and personal, it’s poker standing up, it’s innovative and it’s fun!

Sorel Mizzi - Berlin BearsFedor HoltzThere’s nothing quite like watching the #1 ranked Fedor Holz of the LA Sunset walk into the Cube and let it all out, swapping tells and funny trash talk while playing heads-up against Sorel Mizzi of the Berlin Bears (and breaking all the rules by crossing over to get a look at each other’s hole cards).

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching as the Global Poker League has worked its way into the poker world in just four months, already becoming part of the vernacular. Examples abound, like this headline I just plucked from a poker news site: Congratulations to Jason Mercier of the New York Rounders on your fourth bracelet! Branding doesn’t get any better than that.

I have loved the team competition, the web cams, the feeling of actually knowing some of the world’s greatest poker players. Although I wasn’t that impressed with the Cube at first, as I’ve watched big name players enjoy contending in this totally new and intriguing environment, I understand what a big a step this has been for the evolution of poker for the next generation.

I realize that somewhere in the middle of my 16-blog love affair with the GPL, I may have lost my way. It’s almost as though I was being paid to promote the Global Poker League, while in fact my real job is to promote The Texas Poker Store. I’ve always believed that providing good poker-related content would translate into more customers for our online store, but I’ve yet to see much evidence of that. I HAVE seen evidence that people are reading my blog, and my focus on the GPL has certainly garnered me a whole new bunch of likes and followers on Twitter. From what I’ve seen, the audience for poker isn’t going away any time soon; in fact, it’s on track to keep on growing, so one day my efforts may pay off. In the meantime, I’ll just keep on grinding.

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