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There was a time when we thought it would be a good idea to keep our faithful fans up-to-date on which states would be next to vote to legalize and regulate online poker. We assumed it would happen on a fairly regular basis after the success of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. After all, is there really a state that wouldn’t benefit from the potential multi-millions of dollars in additional revenue?

Turned out that passing the legislation necessary to offer its citizens the right to enjoy online poker was a heckuvva lot more difficult for states to make happen than we imagined. It seems crazy, but nothing much has changed since 2013 (sorry, Pennsylvania, but you haven’t gone live yet!) except that more states have legalized marijuana than online gambling!

So, it’s our pleasure to announce that Virginia has become the fifth state ready to launch online gambling. Governor Ralph Northam signed SB 1126 today (March 26) after both houses of the legislature overwhelmingly supported it. However, don’t get too excited quite yet, poker players of Virginia. There are some very stringent rules for setting up casinos so you probably won’t be playing online until at least next year.

Unfortunately for those of you who were following Kentucky’s bid to join the online gambling states, their once promising H 175 has been shelved until 2020. Also on the cusp are West Virginia and Michigan, all hoping to become the sixth state to embrace online poker.

Until your state manages to pass the legislation needed for you to enjoy online poker, it looks like y’all will have to be satisfied playing in your home games, sitting at the poker tables! One thing is for sure; it is definitely a better way to meet people and find new poker buddies!

Any thoughts??

Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris is an online poker site recently launched by OneTime Marketing Services, led by Randall Kasper, the founder of Poker Players International. Kasper’s team of poker industry veterans and executives includes Casey Jarzabek, Jeff Maxon, Anthony Taylor, Laurence Grondin and Danny Noseworthy.

As Kasper describes it, “It’s a dream team of executives and poker experts. Our goal is to be the next big name in poker, to be completely transparent to and trusted by players and to customize their experience with the absolute best practices we have learned over the years.

With OneTimePoker, he added, we’ll finally be able to build the sort of business for ourselves that we have created for clients over the past decade.” 

While transparency, trust, fairness, and providing a safe and secure playing experience are all major pillars of, the site is also dedicated to providing its members and players the MOST fun of any site in the industry.

With that in mind, OTP is running a massive promotional campaign based on the tantalizing question:


The promo is offering the opportunity for three players to become OneTimePoker Pro Ambassadors for a period of six months. Not only will they represent One Time Poker and help promote the site, but also provide their personal experience and knowledge of the online poker world.

For the rules of engagement, check out

And while you’re at it, meet the official OTP Team of Ambassadors, among the most experienced and popular poker players from around the world.

Sounds like Kasper and friends know how to run an online poker site. Since we at TPS know how to run an online poker store, it seemed fitting to feature them in our blog. Who knows? Maybe they’ll purchase a few of our premium poker tables!

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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the U.S. Department of Justice’s recent opinion reversing the 2011 Wire Act, the one that gave individual states the right to legalize and regulate online lotteries and poker.  Until this sudden reversal, states like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware were able to significantly grow their economies and share in the revenues, while other states, like Pennsylvania, felt safe to pursue efforts to pass internet gambling legislation.

After the revised opinion, it appeared that the future of states’ rights to legalize online lotteries, poker and casino games was in serious jeopardy. But remember, the DOJ’s opinion is just that – an opinion and not a law.

In New Jersey, State Senate President Steve Sweeney issued a strong statement condemning the reversal, noting that it could impact every aspect of New Jersey’s gaming industry, which has grown since the launch of online gambling in 2013 and sports betting in 2018. “We don’t want to lose the hard-fought gains that are helping to revive Atlantic City and the state’s gaming industry.”

Sweeney immediately turned to retired state senator Raymond Lesniak, who had successfully spearheaded New Jersey’s online poker legislation in the past, including the multi state online poker alliance that made liquidity sharing possible with Nevada and Delaware.

Lesniak was asked to prepare a response to challenge the revised DOJ opinion. As we noted in our 01/ 23 blog, Lesniak was already prepared to do battle, having issued several statements, including that the new opinion was outrageous: “It looks like I will have to go to court again to straighten out the Justice Department’s overreaching on states’ rights.”

A fix from Congress is not expected. As Lesniak said, “Getting Congress to act would be the best way to deal with this, but getting Congress to act on anything these days is very difficult.”

So Lesniak formally responded in a three-page letter to Sweeney. In it he called for the state legislature to file a declaratory judgment action in US District Court against the recent DOJ opinion on the Wire Act in order to “protect and preserve the significant benefits accruing to the State of New Jersey and our residents from internet gaming.”

We will be following this crucial case closely and fill you in on major developments. If you enjoy getting into the weeds on this and other legal issues, try:

https://www. It’s an excellent source of up-to-date coverage.

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