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Pocket Bullets ParisJim “Pocket Bullets” Paris

Because it is the Thanksgiving weekend we decided to play a little quick game of Texas Hold’em. It was a friendly heads-up game between  me and my partner and love of my life Lynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris. I had pocket Kings and the flop was King – 7 – 7.  I tried to trap my baby by just checking and she threw in the min bet which I, of course, snap called, thinking that now the trap was solidified.

The turn was a blank, as was the river and I knew I had her beat with my Kings over 7s boat. I splashed the pot with about a third of my stack just for value and she jumped all in. I gave her a “I’m sorry” look with a wicked smile on my face and threw in the rest of my stack, stood up ready to rake it all in. It was not to be;  she destroyed me by flipping over a pair of 7s to complete her winning hand of Quad Sevens.

Watch the video below to see why our little game reminded me of the amazing poker game on an episode of Star Trek that ended with Dr. Stephen Hawking betting and Dr. Albert Einstein calling him.

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I happen to like edgy commercials, especially when they’re not just edgy but sexy… and written, produced and directed well. Like “The Force – Volkswagen” with the little boy dressed like Darth Vader. Or all of the Victoria’s Secret commercials, especially the ones for the Super Bowl.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of “Poker” commercials, and for my poker chips none better than the commercials from Poker Stars. Here is one that features Nacho vs. Brazil and it’s got it all: edgy, sexy and incredibly well done.

Do you have a favorite poker commercial?

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Last night I went to a local game that, from the rumors I’d heard, I knew was usually filled with not just amateur players but with players who made up their own rules . Throughout the course of the night I learned that the rumors were justified. These guys came up with Texas Hold em rules that often bordered on the “WTF….are you crazy?”  Two of hearts is wild when there is any three on the flop….what? If you don’t like your cards….match the pot before the flop and get 2 new ones….what?

The game reminded me of the video below from the “Joey” show starring Matt Leblanc, where Joey comes up with the most absurd rules in a celebrity tournament with Alan Thicke, Louie Anderson, Coolio and Cindy Margolis.

If I ever go back to play again with the people from last night I’m going to introduce the “every suit on the flop earthquake” rule. I know that I certainly have played lots of hands where I felt like doing that.I also know that if I ever resort to playing with house rules like that at our place, I’ll call it quits and put an ad up online for a  texas holdem poker table for sale.

How about you? Have you ever played with crazy rules?

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We pick up on this episode of “Lost” where Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer are playing poker with some DHARMA Initiative playing cards for mangoes, papayas, and assorted Island fruit. Dr. Shepard shows off his poker knowledge when he tells Hurley to fold and tells him what he has and what Sawyer has. Sawyer challenges Doc to sit in and they end up head to head playing for all the medicine Sawyer stole from the armory. Doc ends up going “All In” with a pair of nines.

This proves that you can play poker anywhere and all you really need is some cards. You can use anything to bet with; from authentic casino poker chips to mangoes and papayas. Just have fun.

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