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If I said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, “Poker is everywhere”.

In this edited scene from the prime time  TV series, “Castle” we watch as the regular crew, including Castle’s mom, play a game of Texas Hold em.  Amidst some very engaging repartee, along with a whole lot of highly charged sexual innuendo, Castle intentionally folds on a winning hand to Beckett, allowing her the win.  Some time later, we see Beckett paying Castle off in the elevator, claiming she knew he threw the game.

During a rematch later in the episode,  Beckett  purposely mucks her own winning hand. In a titillating scene between the two of them after the game, the scenario is reversed and Castle pays her off,  saying he knew she threw the game. Still later they have their typical back and forth banter and challenge each other to a head-to-head showdown, with all of us knowing that the stakes are much more than who wins at poker.

The perfect texas hold em poker set.

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