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Back at the 2008 WSOP, one of the players to watch was the Russian Ivan Demidov. Although he didn’t win the WSOP Championship, he did make the final nine and ended up taking 2nd place in a heads-up with Peter Eastgate. During that year’s WSOP competition Demidov proved to be a very dangerous opponent as he defeated lots of players with daring calls, raises and re-raises, often going all in with nothing but a prayer in his hands.

In this video we see him pulling off an excellent bluff, for a pot valued at $35,140,000 in poker chips, and pushing Dennis Phillips to fold. My question to you is this. Would you have the cojones to go all in, with nothing but a prayer in your hand, especially after seeing that your opponent has already called your previous pre-flop raise of almost 5 million … and he now raises you another 4.5 million after the flop?

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We all know how good  a poker player Daniel Negreanu is, but how many of you knew that he has a huge advantage because he is also a psychic? Watch this little video where he is playing against Jerry Buss, best known as the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers.  Daniel actually calls for an 8 of diamonds and a jack of diamonds and gets them both on the turn and the river to beat Buss with a straight flush against his ace high flush.

When I saw this my immediate thought was that I would give up all my poker chip racks to become a poker psychic. And my second thought was to never ever play against Daniel Negreanu. How about you; are you a poker psychic? What would you give up to become the Edgar Cayce of the Poker World?

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Pretty much every major player on “High Stakes Poker”, or for that matter on almost every major poker tournament in the big world of poker knows who Tom “Durrrr” Dwan is and has probably been Durrrred by him at one time or another.

In the video below Tom strikes again and this time, even though everyone at the table is claiming that they have been “Durrrred,” it is Howard Lederer, holding ace-king of diamonds, who ends up falling for it. He stays in the hand only to end up with Tom pairing up on the turn with 8s giving him the winning hand. They both check the turn and the river and all you need to do to understand what being “Durrrred” means is to take a look at Lederer’s expression when Tom reveals his hole cards: the 8 of diamonds and 6 of hearts.

Have you ever been “Durrrred” at any of your games? Write and tell us about it and we’ll post your stories here. I know I’ve been Durred many times and lost a whole lot lot of poker chips that way.

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Bluffing is, without a doubt, a fine art when it comes to poker and especially when it comes to Texas Hold ’em. You must have courage, nerves of steel, or to quote our Jewish friends, a lot of chutzpah. But that’s not all, you also need the talent to be able to know when to bluff, when to represent that you have a winner when you may have nothing, and the abilityto keep your tells completely under control. That may mean you purposely act one way or another to mislead your opponents or you keep a completely frozen face that tells no one anything.

I’ve been watching Tom “Durrr” Dwan for a long time and I would certainly put him up as one of the greatest bluffers of all time . . . and a master at face freezing. I have seen him take down player after player just as he takes everyone down on this video from “High Stakes Poker”, with nothing in his hand and that “deer in the headlights” frozen stare of his.

Next time you sit down at a Texas holdem poker table will you have what it takes to bluff? Will you be able to not give away your tells?

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