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Ten days ago voters in New York state approved an amendment to the state constitution to allow up to seven Vegas style casinos.  Championed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and the current legislature, the new developments promise economic sunshine in the form of job growth, expanded tourism, and recaptured revenue that flows from residents to border state casinos.  This argument should sound familiar to Texans who annually pump acres of greenbacks to Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.  The arguments for and against permitting casino style gambling look the same for any state – the Pros: increased revenue through the addition of a new industry with a proven business model, a tourism boom, and the benefit of keeping local money in the local economy.  The Cons: gambling amounts to a regressive tax paid by those who typically can afford it least – the lowly downtrodden gambling-addict masses huddled in the cold on the eve of the holidays.  And casinos lure big money which also lures big crime making them the municipal equivalent of Wal-Mart…you want them within driving distance but not next door to your neighborhood.  Of course, political opponents claim that supporters of the idea are being paid off by big casino developers and church leaders line up against the vein immorality that gambling will all but certainly tap into.

New York already has five casinos upstate run by Indian tribes so this vote is an expansion of the current offering.  Moreover, they will start out by permitting four casinos and then decide on the rest.  Of course, the real push is to get into New York City and you would be naive if you did not see the strategy here is to give the outward appearance of restraint with the underlying goal of unleashing the mother of all gambling destinations on the grand stage of the Big Apple.
In the end I believe states want to keep their dollars local and attract tourism with nice casinos confined to areas that are in need of growth but not next door to moderate to affluent populations (again, a la Wal-Mart).  Crime will need to be held at bay in these areas so as not to run off the tourists, and many new business will pop-up around the new developments.
As far as the argument that casinos ruin the social fabric through rampant gambling addiction I will argue that gambling does so no more than alcohol, adult clubs, the Internet, junk food, or pain killers.  The fact is, if someone has a void that they cannot fill themselves they will turn to any number of addictions to fill it for them or numb the pain.  However, for every person I know with a gambling problem I know thirty more who know how to play for fun within reasonable limits.  All in at the Poker Tables
The Catskills are now on the path back to prominence and prosperity; will Galveston, TX be next? Would you go All In at the tables when this happens?

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Let’s face it…second place lives in the eternal shadow of the first place winner every time.  However, second place is a place of extremes.  For instance, the other night in a cash game I came up with the second best hand in most of my showdowns.  Needless to say, second place was an awful place to visit and I hope to avoid it altogether on future travels.

In stark contrast, last year’s WSOP second-place finisher took home $5,295,149.  That will take the sting right out of being the final loser, no doubt.  I’m sure his tears were mopped up by American Presidents and he drank away the memories of those painful crushing hands while sitting on velvety bar-stools of the most chic Rio bar sipping on Camus XO cognac with some new-found friends.  He probably stole away in a private room to challenge one of the plentiful poker legends, draped with sun-kissed beauties and playing on the finest poker tables fully immersed in the opulent decadence of the Vegas nightlife.

Such is the chasm that exists between second place worlds.  If you get a chance to make the final nine main event in November, be sure to meet that second-place finisher and see how he handles his $5.3 milsky failure.

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Sometimes you win sometimes you lose.  When the latter occurs the one you lost the most to can make all the difference in the felted, padded railed world.

Sure you can analyze your play from that slow played hand turned train wreck to that ill-timed bluff against a killer pocket pair.  And it’s bad enough that hindsight is 20/20, but you remember exactly how each hand played out and your mind is hyper-fixated on every opportunity and failure to the point of becoming enveloped in a fog where Jim McKay’s famous intro “…and the agony of defeat” now haunts your every thought.  If you’re lucky your jaunt home is short and you’ll be in bed soon to pull the heavy iron door firmly shut on this poker outing.  If you have a long journey ahead then you may be thinking about that dirty mangy dog who seemed to have your number all night.  He didn’t have much to say at the table until he was flush with your GLORIOUS POKER CHIPS, Texas Poker Store Custom Poker Chipsthen he suddenly had the wisdom of Solomon to comment on everything from cars to classic rock.  This guy wasn’t a better poker player than you.  He had a horseshoe up his ass that attracted five of the best starting poker hands in a 40-minute span.  He sucked all the hold ’em mojo from the better players pure and simple.

So what is the anesthesia that dulls the pain of losing all your money and taking the long walk of shame home?  Charity.  Every once in a while we end up giving all of our money to someone who either needs it, who rarely wins, or who is just one of the good guys…and then instead of losing to some obnoxious river donkey we can feel good that we donated to a worthy cause.

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T-Licious advice By: T-Licious

Sometimes new players end up relying on other players at the table or the dealer to determine which hand won the pot or a side pot.  There may also be split pots.  If you look at the board systematically then it can reduce the time it takes and increase the certainty of determining the winner.


Assuming no wild cards, you can look at the board at any time and determine the best possible hand by looking for the following in order:

1.  Flush & Straight:  3 to the flush and 3 to the straight (possible straight flush)
2.  Paired board:  a pair on the board can mean poker/quad (4 of a kind) or a boat (full house) is possible
3.  Flush (already looked for in step 1)
4.  Straight (already looked for in step 1)

So if there is no flush and the board is paired after all 5 community cards are out, then the best possible hand is the quad followed by the boat.  If there is not three to the straight showing then the next best is a set (3 of a kind), followed by 2 pair and a pair.  These last three hands are always possible no matter what is on the board.


You can apply this logic to non-community games without wildcards as well.  Wild cards are pretty pointless in hold ’em games but may still be called by the drunk at the table.  For community or non-community games with wildcards the best 5 card hand is 5 of a kind followed by the straight flush and so on.  Five of a kind is pretty easy to spot, but the straight flush may take some time.  Use this helpful hint:

1.  Count the number of wildcards and set aside
2.  Match suits of remaining cards
3.  Find x number of cards to the straight (where x plus the wildcards will equal 5)

So with 2 wildcards you need three suited cards that could be within a straight (3 to the flush & 3 to the straight).Night Hawk Poker Table from the Texas Poker Store

Remember even if someone misreads their hand, if the dealer or another player points out the correct read then that is the made hand so don’t be too quick to push the pot to a winner, especially if you just wrapped up a game with crazy possibilities at the poker table.

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