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You know if you follow Negreanu’s advice your game will improve and maybe you could end up sitting at the final table of some world class tournaments or simply just walk out with a lot of cash from your local games.

This video is all about Texas Hold Em strategies:

Limit vs No Limit
Betting on the River
Bluffing in Limit (a science) and No Limit (an art form)
Tournaments vs Cash Games
Tournament Early Stage strategy ( go after bad players aka “dead money” early)
Tournament Middle Stage strategy (all about ebb and flow)
Tournament Late Stage strategy ( this is the stage that separates the men from the boys)

Watch and learn, then practice what you have learned and soon you’ll need some poker chip racks to hold your winnings.

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In this short video lesson, Negreanu tells us all about which hands we should play and from which position at the table. After a brief explanation about early, middle and late positions he gets to the  meat of the matter.

He walks us through the differences in betting from all positions and all different hands. From “Big Pairs” and “Ace & King suited” to what he calls the pesky “Middle Pairs” which are the trickiest to play. He talks about small pairs and warns us to be cautious when playing them. “Suited Connectors”, the fun stuff, are covered as well….throw out the bait and reel in the big fish.

These are some great tips to winning at the tables, but you need to practice and the best way to do that is to set up some friendly Texas Hold Em poker games. You’ll need some basic equipment including, of course, a playing surface. Pick up one of the folding poker table tops from the Texas Poker Store, try to remember Negreanu’s tips and have fun.

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In this lesson Daniel teaches us how to bluff the right way. First thing is “who do you bluff?” As he says, you can’t bluff an amateur and you don’t want to get involved with the maniacs; the guys you want to bluff are the rocks – the weak and the timid. There is more than one way to bluff and Daniel tells us here about the ways the pros like to do it. Check it out.

When playing you need to make sure not to muck (accidentally show) your cards. So, get yourself some poker card guards to protect your cards from being turned over.


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Breaking away from the movies and focusing our attention on some great poker lessons, we’ll start with lessons from one of the best poker players around.

Daniel Negreanu teaches us the top 5 Poker Tells (actually only 4 of the top 5) in simple detail making it easy to remember them and to put them to use at your very next game.

Number 5 – Eyes to Chips

Number 4 – Early Chip Grab

Number 3 – Splashes the Pot

Number 2 – Jibber Jabber

And the Number 1 Tell …… you’ll have to find out for yourself. Maybe when you find what you where looking for, like that aluminum poker chip case cheap, you can also pick up a Texas hold em poker book, like Negreanu’s, and learn all the Tells.

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