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In this super high-stakes poker game at Montenegro’s Le Casino Royale, Bond (Daniel Craig) is going up against another super villain, Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen). With only four players left at the final table, the first player goes all in for 6 million with an ace high flush. The  second player goes all in with 5 million and a full house of eights over aces, assuming that he’s won. Then Le Chiffre raises to 12 million, followed by Bond going all in for 40 1/2 million. Le Chiffre calls him showing a full house of aces over sixes. Watch the clip to see what happens next.

With all the electronic gadgets that James Bond has had at his disposal, I wonder if he ever got a hold of any handheld texas hold em poker games  gadgets to play with during his spare time.

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