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After Ray Mecs with Ah-2h and Scott Wilson with Ac-8h call, we see Matt Damon holding 10d-6h playing from the small blind position, also making the call as Ben Affleck watches on. Next Eric Seidel with a Kh-9s checks his option bringing 4 to the flop. The flop gives Matt a “Movie Star Flop” showing a 10c – 10h – 6c . . . giving him the nuts with a full house. He purses his lips, makes a few attempts at looking unsure, and then checks.  Everybody checks. The turn is an 8 pairing up Wilson. Matt checks; Seidel checks; Wilson bets.

Matt shows some pretty bad acting skills trying to appear nervous and barely makes the call. Seidel folds; Mecs folds. Nothing can help Wilson, but Matt checks after the river card, hoping to trap Wilson. It doesn’t work; Wilson sees through the bad acting and just checks.

If Matt had read a little more of the Texas Hold Em poker book he may have played this one a little differently.

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It all started getting serious when Duhamel raised to 1.4 million with a J – 10 off suit, Michael “The Grinder” calls with A Q of diamonds, Matthew Jarvis holding pocket nines goes all in with 14 million plus. Everybody, including Duhamel folds but Grinder risks almost 13 million and makes the call.

So it all came down to Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi (seat 5) and Matthew Jarvis (seat 6)

The flop is QQ8 giving Grinder Trip Queens. The turn is a 9 giving Jarvis a Full House of nines over queens; he feels very good. But the river does it again, as we have preached over and over;  the river can kill you, and in this case it slaughters Jarvis by giving Grinder an ace for top full house of Queens over aces.

Another incredibly emotional ride at the WSOP (2010)! The pot was 31.5 million dollars in poker chips and they all went to “The Grinder.”

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On Saturday the 24th at “The Casino” at Portomaso on the Island of Malta the 2011 WSOP November Niner Matt Giannetti took the WPT Crown and $273,200. He was heads-up against the very aggressive Cecilia Pescaglini before they pushed their poker chips all in on the flop. Cecilia was holding the top pair while Matt had an open-ended straight draw. The turn gave him his straight and the river was no help to Cecilia and she was eliminated in second place, giving Matt Giannetti the WPT win.

Now we’ll just wait to see how he does on the World’s biggest poker stage — the World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table. We’re keeping our eyes on you Matt. Good luck and congratulations on your win on the beautiful Island of Malta.

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As a fightin’ Texas Aggie fan, even I have a hard time thinking about poker today. After all, in about an hour we are leaving to attend the biggest game to be held in Kyle field since 1975: two Top Ten schools battling it out, on national television, in front of a way sold-out crowd of more than 86,000 fans, all of whom bleed maroon.

We’ve been running a contest to get your predictions for the final score between 8th ranked Texas A&M and 7th ranked Oklahoma State. We can’t wait to announce the winner of one of our favorite poker gifts, a Texas A&M NCAA game room mirror. As of now, the vast majority of you have picked the Ags to win, although we did get one OSU fan who didn’t agree. But it will all be decided on the gridiron, just like texas holdem is decided at the poker tables. All we can say is gig ’em and go Ags!

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