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Due to popular demand, we are bringing you a 5-part history of poker. Hope you enjoy it.

This series doesn’t actually begin at the beginning. It starts off in the middle of a very high-stakes poker game being played by some of the biggest legends in the poker world. We are told that high-stakes poker takes a special kind of person, someone with a “certain disregard for money, ” and we are introduced to the patriarch of modern-day poker, Doyle Brunson.

Brunson was a member of the Texas Rounders back in the 1950s, along with another legendary poker player known as Amarillo Slim. They went all over Texas hitting every town and just about cleaning it out before they moved on to the next . . . at a time when poker playing was not considered a respectable way to make money. Part of the mystique of poker today, in fact, goes back to the days when poker was a game for tough guys and gunslingers; it adds to poker’s sexiness. In this introduction to the series, we learn that Brunson was a master at reading “tells” and playing people.

When this video comes to an (abrupt) end, we can’t wait to learn about the real history of poker, before Brunson and Slim, which is coming up next in the series. So stay tuned in and come back for the next installment real soon. In the meantime pick yourself up a casino poker chip set and throw a poker party where you can practice what you learn.

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