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Continuing with our Poker History series we learn that poker really started in New Orleans in the early 19th century. Because New Orleans was under French control many of the games were French, including a 20- card game called Poque,  but because Americans couldn’t speak French they called it Poker. It was the perfect game for everyone — amateurs (Producers, known as Lambs) or professionals (Great White Sharks, or Lions).

In order for the Lions to keep ahead of the Lambs, the rules and the games kept changing and new games were constantly being introduced. This also kept the professionals on edge and they had to become well versed in all the different variations of the original game of poker in order to qualify them as true Great White Sharks, Professionals or maybe even Poker Legends.

To become a professional at anything you have to have the right tools. That is the same with poker, so if you want to look and feel like a professional you need the right poker tools. Start by picking up one of the poker chip cases available at the Texas Poker Store. Practice, practice, practice and maybe you too can become a Poque Legend.

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