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As this video in our series show, the history of poker just kept getting better and better. From the days when Wild Bill Hickock played his last hand – a pair of Aces over a pair of Eights – and was then shot and killed, forevermore marking that hand as “Dead Man’s Hand” – to the games at the White House when FDR played with his friends on Capital Hill, to the final days of WWII when President Truman played poker 12 hours a day just before deciding to drop the world’s first atomic bomb.

President Richard Nixon’s first run for congress was reportedly financed by his poker winnings, but as history shows, Nixon’s bankroll paled next to Doyle Brunson’s, who bled the state of Texas dry in the 1950s.

Poker attracted every gambler from coast to coast until it eventually hit Vegas and the game just got bigger and bigger and  more and more exciting.

Along the way there were lots of quick handed players who learned how to shuffle the cards and stack them to favor themselves or their accomplices, and thus a market was born for a good automatic casino card shuffler.

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