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In the last episode we met Lester “Benny” Binion, a well-liked but infamous Texas poker player who brought No Limit Texas Holdem to Las Vegas. A casino owner, mobster, and poker enthusiast, Binion is credited with bringing poker out of America’s smokey back rooms and turning it into the household name and billion dollar game that it is today.

It began in 1951 when Benny decided to hold a high-stakes poker game , featuring a super- star poker player,  in the lobby of their Vegas casino. The player was Johnny Moss, arguably the best poker player of the time, in a no limit game against New York gambler Nick “The Greek” Dandolos. The game lasted from January to May, while thousands gathered to watch, when Moss finally took the Greek’s last dollar. Nick knew he was beat and delivered one of poker history’s most famous lines “Mr. Moss, I’m afraid I’m going to have to let you go”. That game has been  widely credited as being the inspiration for the modern day World Series of Poker.

Today it has become more and more competitive to enter the World Series of Poker but your easiest shot for an entry at the 2012 WSOP could come with the purchase of copag playing cards.

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