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With this episode we conclude our five-part series on the history of poker, as the Texas Rounders ride off into the sunset, going from second-class citizens to cult heroes. But it’s really only the beginning for poker as we now know it. History continues to be made and will certainly be made on November 9, 2011. That is when the “November 9” will compete at this year’s final table of the World Series of Poker for the grand prize of more than 8 million dollars.

The constantly evolving poker scene has changed poker forever and introduced players that are blunt and confrontational, players who are in almost every hand, and an entire new breed of young players who learned to play online. Women, like Annie Duke and Jenniffer Harman, not only play but win at  high stakes poker.

And TV technology has revolutionized the popularity of poker with the use of the “Lipstick Camera” which allows the viewer to see what each player is holding. The fact that you can watch on television and be in on the action, as well as inside the players’ heads by knowing who’s bluffing and who’s got the nuts makes it far more exciting,  and is the biggest reason why poker has become so popular not just to play but to watch.

As this video says, the events of the last few years have made it clear that poker’s health is robust and its potential is limitless.  So get yourself some cards,  some poker chips and find yourself a good texas holdem poker table for sale so you can start playing one of the world’s favorite games.

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