Archive for September 16th 2011

Last night at our usual Thursday night game there were a few hands that were arguably “Sick Poker Hands!” There were a total of nine players. On this one sick hand, everyone except two players folded, and we had a heads up with first position and seventh position players.

The flop is Qd – 3h- Jc…nothing too exciting. First position bets – seventh position calls. The Turn is a Jh, first bets, seventh raises, first re-raises, seventh calls. The River is a Qh. First bets, seventh raises, first goes “All In,”  seventh calls. First turns over a pair of Jacks to make Quad Jacks. Imagine how he felt when seventh turns over a pair of Ladies giving him Quad Queens.

For our game, that was a sick poker hand, but it was only for a few dollars. It’s really not so sick if you compare it to the millions that Matt Affleck lost in his sick hand against Jonathan Duhamel.

If I was Matt I would  have done exactly what he did… looked around and wept as all my poker chips went to Duhamel.

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