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It all started getting serious when Duhamel raised to 1.4 million with a J – 10 off suit, Michael “The Grinder” calls with A Q of diamonds, Matthew Jarvis holding pocket nines goes all in with 14 million plus. Everybody, including Duhamel folds but Grinder risks almost 13 million and makes the call.

So it all came down to Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi (seat 5) and Matthew Jarvis (seat 6)

The flop is QQ8 giving Grinder Trip Queens. The turn is a 9 giving Jarvis a Full House of nines over queens; he feels very good. But the river does it again, as we have preached over and over;  the river can kill you, and in this case it slaughters Jarvis by giving Grinder an ace for top full house of Queens over aces.

Another incredibly emotional ride at the WSOP (2010)! The pot was 31.5 million dollars in poker chips and they all went to “The Grinder.”

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