Archive for September 30th 2011

After Ray Mecs with Ah-2h and Scott Wilson with Ac-8h call, we see Matt Damon holding 10d-6h playing from the small blind position, also making the call as Ben Affleck watches on. Next Eric Seidel with a Kh-9s checks his option bringing 4 to the flop. The flop gives Matt a “Movie Star Flop” showing a 10c – 10h – 6c . . . giving him the nuts with a full house. He purses his lips, makes a few attempts at looking unsure, and then checks.  Everybody checks. The turn is an 8 pairing up Wilson. Matt checks; Seidel checks; Wilson bets.

Matt shows some pretty bad acting skills trying to appear nervous and barely makes the call. Seidel folds; Mecs folds. Nothing can help Wilson, but Matt checks after the river card, hoping to trap Wilson. It doesn’t work; Wilson sees through the bad acting and just checks.

If Matt had read a little more of the Texas Hold Em poker book he may have played this one a little differently.

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