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What do you do when your football team loses? We play poker….or, at the very least, listen to some poker-related music. Yeah, that’s right, our team, the Fightin’ Texas Aggies had another second half meltdown and lost to the Missouri Tigers on Saturday in OT. It took us until today to calm down enough to write another blog and keep our promise of turning you on to some poker-related music that, although you may have heard before, is always good to hear again.

The last poker music video we posted was the “All In Rap” by Alexander Neal, Raw, HollyRae, ProHoeZak and featuring a few poker stars. So now we bring you another poker rap. This time it’s “This is HoldEm,”  a rap about the most popular poker game of all time, Texas Hold Em.

Just about anywhere you go now you can see people breaking out their folding poker tables to play a little poker. And it always helps to win a big hand after your team let you down on the gridiron.

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The Texas A&M Aggies lost 38 – 31 to the Missouri Tigers in overtime. That makes it a sad day in Aggieland but I bet not as sad as it is in the Aggies’ locker room. We didn’t win and neither did any of you who submitted your predictions on the score of the game. No one wins, because this time around no one picked Missouri to win. Even our staff, who is always fair and never partial and simply goes by the stats, did not predict Mizzou would take this one in OT.

I’d bet that not even the Missouri fans thought this would happen….oh well. Better luck next time and thanks to all our loyal followers for your contributions.

We will continue with our promise to feed your hunger for Poker Related music after we get recover from our shock over this unexpected loss by our Aggies.  Which won’t go beyond Monday.

More Texas Hold Em Wisdom by Daniel Negreanu - from the Texas Poker StoreIn the meantime we are going to try to lift our spirits up by reading our  new texas hold em poker book so that we don’t end up losing in tonight’s poker game.


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We haven’t forgotten your request to feed your hunger for “Poker Music Videos” and we will bring more poker music videos to you after the weekend. But for now, remember that we love football as much as we love poker and it is Game Time in Aggieland.

Will the Texas A&M Aggies make it four in a row? Will the Aggies be able to tame the Tigers at Kyle Field? We all know that Mizzou’s Head Coach Gary Pinkel needs to pull a win to turn around his Tigers frustrations but the 16th ranked Fightin’ Texas Aggies are on a roll and they are hungry for that one more needed win to earn bowl eligibility.

The Tigers’ quarterback, James Franklin, had a frustrating time throwing three interceptions last week against Oklahoma. Although they still managed to move the ball, both on the ground and through the air,  racking up a total of 463 yards;  those three pics plus four turnovers gave the Tigers a crushing at home defeat of 45 – 24. In their 33-17 victory over Iowa State last time out, Texas A&M, despite their incredibly slow start, totaled 510 yards of offense and racked up more than 240 yards both rushing and receiving, with both Christine Michael and Cyrus Gray running for well over 100 yards each, and Ryan Tannehill playing interception-free football.

Texas A&M Aggies vs Missouri Tigers

2 Decks of Professional quality Copag Poker size Playing CardsI’m seeing lots of predictions out there, mostly for Texas A&M over Missouri. What do you predict? Whoever comes closest to the final score will get a nice little present from the Texas Poker Store in time for your next poker game. This time we will make it a double set of World Class Copag Playing Cards. That is two complete decks of durable professional high quality poker-size plastic-coated cards. You could be the winner this time. It’s easy. Just click on the Leave your Comments link below and post your prediction. We will get in touch with you within 48 hours after the end of the game if you are the winner.

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Since we posted one of the  WSOP’s Theme Songs we have had a lot of requests for more videos with music relating to poker. So we were inspired by you, our loyal followers, and decided that we would try to satisfy your hunger for “Poker Music” videos.

To start you off we selected another song from the  WSOP – “All In Rap”, by Alexander Neal, Raw, HollyRae, ProHoeZak and featuring a few Poker Stars like Johnny Chan and Phil Hellmuth as special guests. We know it’s been around for awhile and you may have seen it before but it is so good that it’s worth watching and listening to it again.

So next time you break out your deluxe poker chips for your local game, play this video and go ahead and push “All In.”

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