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Incredible heads up between Gus Hansen and Daniel Negreanu in the biggest pot ever in high stakes poker. Hansen’s holding pocket fives while Negreanu is holding pocket sixes. The flop is 9c-6d-5h giving both player “trips” with Daniel’s set of sixes taking the lead. Negreanu bets, Hansen raises and Negreanu calls. The turn is the 5 of clubs, giving Gus quad fives and Daniel sixes over fives full. That is sick and a lot of trouble for Daniel. The river is a blank and Gus checks, Daniel bets and Gus goes all in. What a sick hand…!

What would you do if you were Daniel? Would you throw your clay poker chips in just like Daniel Negreanu and make the call? After all, what were the odds?

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Talk about frustration! Estelle Denis must have run to the nearest poker supplies store she could find to stock up on poker card guards after what happened to her at this event at the WSOP.  She called all in against J.C. Tran,  winner of 2 WSOP bracelets, who bet $32,000 pre-flop. The dealer sweeps her cards in and mucks them,  and though Denis tries to get them back, the Vegas rules stand.  Although it was the dealer’s mistake, players are responsible for protecting their cards; she did not protect hers and therefore she’s out.  She does get her “all in chips” back but loses the hand.

Watch this video a few times. Then make sure you order some poker card guards so that this NEVER happens to you!

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After yesterday’s disappointing Aggie game, we were so depressed that we knew we had to change our mood and attitude before tonight’s poker showdown. So we watched a movie — one of our old favorites with John Candy — “Stripes” and rediscovered this funny poker scene. Watch as Candy hoodwinks a gullible young private, telling him to go ahead and “Bluff Me” after he looks at his cards and sees that he has nothing.

Sometimes we all wish we could just look at our opponents’ hands and tell them how to play them. In tonight’s game, there will be a few players who have no idea what they have and push their poker chips all in with nothing in their hands.

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It’s Thanksgiving Day Nov 24, 2011, and it is time to polish off that turkey and concentrate on football. The excitement is mounting in this house and all over the state of Texas for the 2011 Lone Star Showdown between the Fightin’ Texas A & M Aggies and the University of Texas Longhorns. This will be the 118th meeting of the biggest rivalry in Texas, with 90,000 fans expected. And we will be there, part of the 12th Man, cheering on our Aggies in what will be the last game of this historic rivalry for the foreseeable future. Let’s go Aggies! Saw Varsity’s horns off and BTHO TU!!

Texas A & M Aggies vs University of Texas Longhorns

Poker Tables from the Texas Poker StoreI know we have said this before, but because we love football almost as much as we love poker we will be postponing our usual Thursday night game until Friday night. Regardless of the outcome of the football game, we’ll be back at our usual seats at the poker tables.