Archive for November 11th 2011

It was an amazing year for the WSOP and certainly for Cologne, Germany and its Ambassador of Poker, Pius Heinz. But now it’s time to get back to the real world for most of us and what better way to do that than by continuing with our poker music series? So here’s the very funny “Waiting on the River” by unknown artist, E-Isme, that we found on YouTube, doing his self-penned Texas Hold Em tune. The song and video are a bit amateurish, but pretty clever, and I for one can sure relate to what E-Isme is singing about.

Watch and listen as he ends up taking all the poker chips with the nuts  straight flush against quad threes as his opponent splashes all in. It looks like they were playing on one of those sturdy octagonal folding poker tables  like the ones at the Texas Poker Store.


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