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In this haunting song written and performed by Sting, we come to the end, at least for now, of our tribute to poker-related songs. It’s a fitting conclusion, because we are never quite sure about the real meaning behind the lyrics; just as we are never quite sure about the outcome of a poker game; we just know we enjoy it.  Sting seems to be using the metaphor of a gambler for someone who doesn’t play the game of life for money or respect, but as a meditation, a means to find answers about life or love. However, Sting himself was quoted as saying that he simply wanted to write about a card player who gambles not to win, but to try to figure out some mystical logic in a game of chance. As a poker player, Sting added, he wears a mask that never changes; it’s the mask worn by all great poker players, betraying nothing. It’s their “Poker Face.”

As the song points out; you need to find the answer to the sacred geometry of chance and the hidden law of probable outcome while wearing your mask. Never let your poker face give off any tells. From bluffing to reading your opponents you can find a lot of advice in the ultimate poker DVDs collection.

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