Archive for November 29th 2011

Incredible heads up between Gus Hansen and Daniel Negreanu in the biggest pot ever in high stakes poker. Hansen’s holding pocket fives while Negreanu is holding pocket sixes. The flop is 9c-6d-5h giving both player “trips” with Daniel’s set of sixes taking the lead. Negreanu bets, Hansen raises and Negreanu calls. The turn is the 5 of clubs, giving Gus quad fives and Daniel sixes over fives full. That is sick and a lot of trouble for Daniel. The river is a blank and Gus checks, Daniel bets and Gus goes all in. What a sick hand…!

What would you do if you were Daniel? Would you throw your clay poker chips in just like Daniel Negreanu and make the call? After all, what were the odds?

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