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Raise your hand if you can’t believe that this is the last day of 2011. I can see that most of you raised your hands and some of you even raised both hands. We are of the both hands variety ourselves. 2012ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


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Thanks to all our loyal followers on Twitter, Facebook, and of course all our customers and fans at the Texas Poker Store. We wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous and lucky 2012. Please continue to visit us often and we’ll keep delivering entertaining content and great deals for all you poker-lovers.

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We’re spending the end of of 2011 in Boca Raton, FL. visiting with family from New York, Boston, Texas, and California.  The decision was made to meet up in Boca to enjoy the warm weather and let everyone rid themselves of their winter shivers. I thought I was going to have serious withdrawal pains from our usual poker games but discovered just how much Floridians love poker and it didn’t take long to get into some nice games here.

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We ran into so many devout poker players that we soon realized we should have brought our Texas Hold em poker set. We’ll be back home soon and post some great new stuff for you then.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Texas Poker Store

May all your poker games be fun and profitable !

We had a Christmas party last night and someone suggested we play Merry Christmas Poker – a game they had found online. After a little confusion, while they remembered the rules, we finally got it and had a hilarious time playing. So we thought we’d pass it on to you, our loyal readers, in time for your Christmas parties.

Octogonal Poker Table TopIn this game you pass cards to another player like you do with “Trash Poker” or “Anaconda,” with the big difference being that you split the pot in Christmas Poker, which usually results in players staying in the game longer, therefore building up the pots. The pot in Merry Christmas Poker is split between the winner with the highest hand and the player who has been passing cards to him. In other words, if the cards you have been passing to another other player gives him the win, then you win too. That softens the blow of having to give away your good cards.

Game Rules

Start out by dealing seven cards face down to each player. Once everyone has received their face-down cards, then players may view their cards.

Start the first betting round, with the player to the left of the dealer being the first player to bet.

Each player then must pass three cards to the player to their left.

Start the second betting round. The player two seats to the left of the dealer bets first.

Each player then must pass two cards to the player to their left.

Start the third betting round. This time, the player three seats to the left of the dealer is the player who makes the first bet.

Each player must then pass one card to the player to their left.

Start the final betting round. This time, it starts with the player four seats to the left of the dealer.

Now each player reveals their hand and declares what he has. The pot is split between the player with the best poker hand and the player who is seated immediately to that player’s right .

79 inch folding poker table topIn order to play this game or any poker game you’ll need some supplies. Of course you’ll have to have some playing cards and poker chips. You’ll also need a poker table or poker table top, chairs and lastly some opponents with the Christmas spirit and maybe some good Christmas drinks.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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