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I’m going to have to skip my regular Thursday night-with-the-guys poker game this week due to a fancy shindig that my wife and I need to attend. It’s for a worthy charity, so I guess I can’t complain. Then, the next poker night, the friendly one with couples, is also going to bite the dust. That game occurs on Sunday nights, but not this Sunday.

Super Bowl XLVIThis Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, and as most of you know by now, our other passion is football. But this just isn’t any Super Bowl for our family; it’s the NY Giants playing the New England Patriots. Now, for those of you who follow my blogs, you know what huge Aggie football fans we are. What some of you may not know is what huge NY Giant fans we are. My wife was born and raised in New York, and as she says, she was born a Giant fan. Lucky for me, I love New York too.

Poker chips from the Texas Poker Store
So this Sunday we’ll be focusing on the Super Bowl and rooting hard for Eli Manning and crew. There will be no poker chips or poker tables in sight. Instead, we’ll have on our Giant tee-shirts and caps, hoping for a great game and a Super Bowl win for the G-men.

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After researching a wide variety of poker-related man caves, we decided to skip right to the ultimate example of what every man would undoubtedly want if he knew how to build it, or if he could get a visit from the DIY Network and their man-cave construction crew.

The BEFORE shot of Rod’s space looks a lot like what many of us call our poker room . . . an old unfinished basement with a couple of beat-up poker tables. But when the DIY crew get finished with it, the AFTER shot shows what an awesome man-cave it had the potential to become!

The crew did their shopping in a retail store in New Jersey called Down to the Felt, but almost everything in the ultimate man-cave is something we carry at The Texas Poker Store, so you can order it all online. We have the custom poker tables, the poker chips and cases and all the cool things that turn a plain space into a great poker man-cave, including great poker signs, electronic poker games and dartboards, and much more. Of course, you’ll have to supply the labor, and the wall-to-wall carpeting yourself.

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On our last post I told y’all about the Man Cave where we have some Friday nite poker games and I got a bunch of emails asking for some suggestions to spruce up your “Man Cave”.

I’ve been to a lot of different style man caves, from All Sports-themed with giant screened mounted flat screen tvs and team banners on all the walls, to NASCAR- themed, and even NASA-themed caves. But we’re particularly partial to poker or casino-themed man caves.

black Texas Holdem Poker TableThere are no hard rules to follow and naturally it’s all up to your tastes. Of course, the size of your room may prevent you from getting too outrageous but it’s safe to say that you would need a good solid poker table or two. You can get tables ranging in price from under two hundred dollars to a few thousand. You can get elegant hardwood stationary tables or excellent folding poker tables like the one pictured here.

Then, to add to the overall ambiance, you can also get a few poker signs to hang on your walls. Now if you really feel like going big, there are a few other extra items such as  a couple of electronic poker video machines. Of course, a good size wall mounted tv will be an absolute necessity, and to cap it all off,  you can add a cool portable bar. All of these  items can be purchased directly from the Texas Poker Store.

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About once a month some of the good ol’ boys get together on a Friday night at what can only be called a rustic barn, hand-built out of remnants, scraps and just about anything that can be found and picked up for nothing or at least close to nothing.   That’s not to say that this is just a four-wall barn crudely put together . . . no, no, no. This is a two-story,  four or five upstairs rooms, complete with a deck and a slide to the ground floor, Man Cave.

poker table from the Texas Poker StoreThere are two large poker tables, an old  craps table and a few other odds and ends…ping-pong table, foosball table, dart boards, etc. But all the action is usually at the grill outside where the catfish is grillin’ and at the poker tables.

This man cave is out in the middle of the woods . . .  way out in the boonies under the big Texas sky. Without any amenities, it’s definitely not a place for women and it’s way too unsafe for children, but it sure is an ideal man cave.  What can beat a barn in the middle of nowhere where we can get together with our poker buddies to smoke cigars, drink some beer, eat some lemon-grilled catfish and play some texas hold em poker. Life is sweet at the barn, and even sweeter when you’re the big winner for the night.

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