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We have posted a lot of videos about poker. We have shown ya’ll the best videos we could find about poker, from movies to television shows to videos on how to play poker. We’ve shown ya’ll great poker music videos. And we have had a lot of people email us asking for a list of the top poker movies of all time. So, because we like keeping all our poker friends and customers happy, here is a nice little video all about poker and the top ten poker movies: 10. All In – 9. Deal – 8. Casino – 7. Maverick – 6. Lucky You – 5. Croupier – 4. Shade – 3. Cincinnati Kid – 2. Rounders

and the number one poker movie of all time

1. Casino Royale – Featuring a great scene where James Bond beats the bad guy out of 115 million of his authentic casino poker chips. Classic bad beat.

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The “Pay Off Wizard” Phil Laak can read the tells of his buddy, “The Magician” Antonio Esfandiari. Antonio bets and Phil, after turning his 10 high flush over, reads him wrong and calls, only to immediately read his buddy again and realize that he has been slow rolled. Even before Antonio shows his winning ace high flush, Phil pushes the pot to the magician claiming no need to see his cards; but the rest of the players lay down side bets on whether Phil is incorrectly reading the magician.

How would you have handled this game? Would you have been the pay-off wizard, turning your cards over and pushing all your texas hold em poker chips to the magician in your group? Or are you the magician?

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Continuing with the premise from our last post on “Mind Tricks,” we decided that it may be fun to show you this little video that we found featuring a mentalist  playing Texas hold ’em against a magician. Before you watch this, who would you bet against? Do you think the magician, with all his card tricks up his sleeve, would have the advantage? Or would the mentalist, with the power to make you see things, have the edge?

Watch and learn but remember that this is just for fun.  In in a real game, both of these characters would be asked to leave the poker tables immediately.

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Daniel Negreanu is not just a good poker player, he is a great poker player who knows all the tricks and often will blow his opponents away with some of the insane bluffing tricks in his arsenal. His ability to read even the smallest of tells from the most experienced players and his knowledge of the game of poker in all its variants, helps him make moves that shake his opponents’ confidence and often get them to muck the winning hand.

What weapons do you have in your arsenal of tricks? Can you read tells? Do you know when or how to bluff? Can you misdirect your opponents’ minds? Watch  “Kid Poker” pull off an incredible mind trick to defeat his opponent by raising and then telling him what he thinks he probably has, in this case aces or kings. His opponent throws his winning pair of kings away, convinced that Daniel  must be able to beat his kings. Mind Tricked!

It’s hard to learn all these kind of tricks but you can start by picking up a couple of poker DVDs, study them and practice… practice… practice.

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