Archive for March 3rd 2012

Sometimes you just have to take a break, even from poker. Of course, never take a break if you’re on a run (winning streak), but sooner or later we all need to take a break; yeah that’s right, even from poker.

Go watch your favorite sports team. We have always said that besides poker we love sports, especially football and specifically Texas A&M football and New York Giants football. But we also like basketball, baseball and hockey. We’re not as crazed over hockey as Daniel Negreanu is over his Canadian Olympic Gold- winning Hockey team, but we do like the NY Rangers and the LA Kings.

We also break from poker to go to the movies or just veg out and watch TV or something that catches our eye on YouTube. That’s how we came across Aerialist Seanna Sharpe, and her assistant Savage Skinner on the incredible video below. Last year these two caused such a scene over the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City that they ended up getting arrested! Now, I can’t even get on the roof of the house without getting dizzy, so I’ll stick to poker for my excitement. But if you’re looking for a quick break, check out this amazing — and slightly crazy video — before heading back to the poker tables .

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