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Have you ever gotten into what seems to be a never ending tailspin at the poker tables you frequent? Whether online, at your favorite casinos, or even at your local home games, sometimes you could swear that the minute you walk in the “invisible forces” have conspired against you and you are dealt only losing hands. But if you really stopped to think about it, probably it’s more the result of what you are or are not doing … right and wrong. I have a friend in India who was doing very well at all the local games; he had been winning consistently and taking home some sizable amounts, even placing in the top 3 of the IPL – Indian Poker Legend Series. When I spoke to him last week I asked him how his game was. He answered that he was not doing very well and had to rethink his strategies and get back to the basics.

That is good advice for any of us, especially if we are on a losing streak. For me, it meant going back and re-reading the many poker books I have picked up along the way. The one book in particular that has always helped me is “Poker Wizards” by Warwick Dunnett. This book features advice from some of the greatest and best known poker players, many of whom I have watched intently and invested in their books and DVDs.

Whenever I find myself in a losing spiral I always get back to the basics. What do you do? How do you get back to the poker basics? Maybe you should pick up this poker book!

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The SCOOP poker festival will kick off on May 6 and during the subsequent two weeks, until May 20th, PokerStars will be giving away a minimum of $40 million, that’s right count it $40,000,000.00 over a total of 120 tournaments. So you better start getting ready now to participate in the 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). Whatever it takes, whichever way you can, make sure not to miss this exciting event. Head over to for more detailed information and for your chance to win some SCOOP Main Event Tickets.

And if you win a ticket to ride then make sure to hone up on your poker skills by reading some good Texas Hold Em poker books . That may provide just the edge you need to take home a little bit of that $40 million prize. Good luck!



We have been very busy with a few local tournaments plus writing a little bit of Rock and Roll history for an upcoming biography on the legendary Buddy Miles. We’ve also been sitting down with local Rocker, Randy Pavlock and his band 24-7  to write the next — wink wink— great rock and roll Poker hit song, which we hope to have out in the next few weeks.

We have just sent out the first press release regarding this collaboration and it has already been picked up by leading online newspapers and magazines including  The Houston Chronicle , the Dallas Morning News, Poker News Hub, and Poker 777 just to name a few. Look for the announcement in your local poker sites about the release of our poker song soon. In the meantime, keep your game up, your tells down to a minimum and rake your poker chips in.


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At our last tourney we had several guys pushing hard all night but with a little luck and patience I was able to get in the money and get paid for 3rd place. Not bad considering that I had gotten into some pretty bad habits, and in past tourneys I was jumping into too many hands. Then I watched this video of my favorite player, “Kid Poker”, going heads up with one of the great poker queens, Vanessa Rousso and immediately understood– I mean it hit me like a Mack Truck — what Kenny Rogers really meant when he sang “You Got To Know When To Hold Them, Know When To Fold Them”.

Daniel knew when to fold them against Vanessa.  And I knew when to fold them and muck my cards at just the right time to keep my 3rd place finish and rake in all those sweet deluxe poker chips.

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